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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 22
Issue 3
Published In: September 1985
Associative nitrogen fixation in some grasses and cereals growing around Faisalabad area
[Abdul Wahid, E. Rasul, I. Ali, J. Zafar and K. A. Malik]
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Effect of age at first calving on first lactation performance of Nili-Ravi Buffaloes
[Arif Hamid, Zaheer Ahmad and Bakht B. Khan]
Download PDF:
Nature of feed consumed by mvjor carps
[M. A. Zaman]
Download PDF:
Nitrolysis (nitrative cleavage) of (INDOLYL-3) phenyliodonium salts
[Fiyyaz A. Chughtai and Valadimir A. Budylin]
Download PDF:
Genetics of yield and yield related characters in hexaploid triticalo
[M.S. Sadiq, M. Saleem, G.R. Tahir and A. Rehman]
Download PDF:
Field studies on the reclamation of Gandhra saline-sodic soil
[A. Ghafoor, S. Muhammed and A. Rauf]
Download PDF:
Effect of different interplant spacing on the yield of four cotton varieties
[Rana M. Iqbal, Iftikhar A. Khan & A. Khaliq]
Download PDF:
Effect of exogenous glycinebetaine on salt tolerance and Na+ transport in barley. I. Whole seedlings
[Nazir Ahmad and R.G. Wyn Jones]
Download PDF:
Utilization of alkali treated wheat and rice straw by lactating cows
[G. Rasul, M. Tufail, S.H. Hanjra, N. Ahmad, C.S. Ali and A.R, Barque]
Download PDF:
In-vitro propagation of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.)
[M.A. Khan, A.S. Chamdi and M. Jahjah]
Download PDF:
Comparative performance of awassi, kachhi and crossbred (kachhi x awassi) lambs
[M. Nawaz, M.D. Ahmad, Z. Ahmad, G.R. Khan and M.A. Khan]
Download PDF:
Studies on fruit-rot of chillies. I. Pathogenicity test of isolates
[M. Ilyas, Sultan M. Khan and Inam-Ullah Khan]
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Research note:
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Pathogenic effect of various population levels of Helicotylenchus indicus on tomato and onion seedlings
[A. Khan, M. Saeed and T. Rajput]
Download PDF:
Occurrence of Azotobacter species in the rhizosphere of wheat
[A. Hussain, Akhtar Hussain, M. Arshad and M. Sated]
Download PDF:
Cercospora leaf spot disease of banyan
[M. B. Ilyas and M.N. Bajwa]
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