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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 05
Issue 2
Published In: June 1968
Estimation of repeatability of milk yield in Nili Ravi buffaloes
[Mohammad Azam Sheikh and Manzoor-ud-Din Ahmed]
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Influence of temperature level and duration of heat exposure during seed maturation and seedling growth of barley
[Riaz A. Khan and Horton M. Laude]
Download PDF:
Urea as a protein in fattening ration for sheep
[Abdur Rehman Abid and Mohammad Akram]
Download PDF:
Inheritance of total leaf area and leaf growth habit and their relationship to grain and straw yield in some wheat crosses
[Hidayat Ali and Abdur Rehman]
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Histological study of wool follicle in Lohi sheep from one to four years age
[Riaz Ahmad and Mohammad Jamil Qureshi]
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Effect of foliar applications of zinc, copper and boron on the incidence of mango malformation
[Abdul Razzaq Perveiz and Daud Ahmad Khan]
Download PDF:
Relation of ambient temperature with egg production and egg weight in Lyallpur Silver Black pullets
[Altaf Ahmad and M. Rafique Chaudhry]
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Studies on the digestive enzymes of some carnivorous insects
[Sajjad Ahmad and Mohammad Akhtar]
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A comparative study of culture media and soil dilutions for isolating fungi from citrus soil
[Mohammad Riazul Haq and Abdul Ghafoor Kausar]
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Yield and composition of wheat as affected by different methods and rates of urea application
[Mohammad Sadiq, M. Aslam Mian and R. Ed. Clark]
Download PDF:
Role of pancreas as a source of serum amylase in chicken
[Malik Ghulam Shabbir and Intesar H. Zaidi]
Download PDF:
Effect of pre-transplanting light treatements on the leaf number and curd yield of summer cauliflower
[Nasir A. Khan and R. Holliday]
Download PDF:
Effect of seasonal variation on body temperature, respiration and semen characteristics of dairy bulls
[Mohammad Niazand Manzoor Ahmad]
Download PDF:
Fungi occurring on the seed of winter vegetables and their control
[Mahmood Ahmad Malik and A. G. Kausar]
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