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Editorial Policy

The Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences is an international English journal published quarterly by the Pakistan Association of Advancement in Agricultural Sciences (PAKJAS).

The Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences (PAKJAS) is a quarterly journal devoted to the advancement and dissemination of scientific knowledge concerning all basic and allied Sciences to Agriculture like Agronomy, Soil Science, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Forestry and Range Management and Wildlife, Plant Pathology, Entomology, Agricultural Engineering Sciences, Food Sciences, Animal Sciences and Basic Sciences.

The manuscripts submitted for publication must be previously unpublished research works written in English, which are not being considered for publication elsewhere. All papers will be critically read by at least two reviewers who are selected for their competence in the subject matter of the paper.

Acceptance of the paper will depend upon its scientific merit and suitability for the journal. A paper may be accepted in its original form or accepted subject to revision. The reviewers' (and editor's) suggestions will be conveyed to the author without identifying the reviewers and the author will have an opportunity for revision. If a manuscript returned to an author for revision is held longer than two months, or if revision is sufficiently extensive, the date of the receipt of the revised manuscript will be substituted for the initial date of receipt. Furthermore, authors are strictly forbidden to use the text, figures, and/or ideas of others without due acknowledgement, article may need rectification or retraction if it has been published already. Those who have contributed to the research in anyway and are not authors in the manuscript may be accredited in the acknowledgement.

Galley proofs for an accepted article will be sent to the corresponding author for correction. These should be returned to the editorial office within the requested time. The content of an article can not be changed during galley proof reading.

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