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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 16
Issues 1,2
Published In: May 1979
Composition of Normal and Residual Milk of Buffalo as Influenced by Oxytocin
[Sadaqat Hayat Hanjra, M.J. Qureshi, M.D. Ahmad and Bakht B. Khan]
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Crop Management Practices for Dry-Land Wheat
[Riaz A. Khan, M. Azeem, Riaz A. Lalah and S. Ahmad]
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Availability of Micronutrient elements in Fattening Male Buffalo Calves
[A R. Barque, M.Akbar, A.H. Gilani and R H. Siddiqui]
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Fungi Occurring on Safflower seed in Pakistary
[Shaukat Ali. IftikharAhmad and M A. Randha]
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Supplementation of Wheat Flour with Pea_Flour
[Nighat Bhatty and H.M. Chaudhry]
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Efficiency of sevin-combinations against maize jassid (Zygina Sp.) and Shootfly (Atlierigona Sp.) on spring Maize Crop
[Muhammad Rafiq Khan and Fida Hussain]
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Heterosis for major yield Components in Maize Reciprocal Crosses Involving Diverse Germplasm
[Abdul Haque Sheikh and Muhammad Asghar Mian]
Download PDF:
Inheritance of Hairiness in Intraspecific crosses in cotton (Gossypium Hirsutum L.)
[Ghulam Sarwar, Mohammad Saleem, Mohammad Ashraf and Manzoor Ahmad Khan]
Download PDF:
Insect and Mite pests of cotton in Pakistan
[Muhammad Yunus and Muhammad Yousaf]
Download PDF:
Nutritional Aspects of the development of Athalia Proxima Klug.Grubs, during different stages
[M.A. Wahla and Tanwir Ahmad]
Download PDF:
Comparative studies on the Performance of Sahiwal and their cross breds from Holstein Friesian and Jersey under Pakistan Conditions
[Zaheer Ahmad, M.D. Ahmad, A.M.Y.A. Saleh and R, A. Gill]
Download PDF:
Effect of Nitrogen Carriers on soil pH and the availability of native Soil Phosphorus
[M. Aslam Mian, Mohammad Younas and Abdul Rauf]
Download PDF:
Density and Frequency of weeds in wheat Fields of the Punjab Province (Pakistan)
[Syed Akhtar Saeed, Abid Nisar Ahmad and Muhammad Sadiq]
Download PDF:
Heritability of grain yield and its Components in some wh&it crosses
[Noor-ul-Islam Khan and A. Rehman Chowdhry]
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Susceptibility of 5-new wheat varieties to Rhizopertha Dominica (F.) and Trogoderma Granarium Everts
[Ghulam Sabir and H.A. Qayyum]
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Rodent problem in Sugarcane fields of Central Punjab
[Mirza Azhar Beg, Akbar Ali Khan and Farhat Begum]
Download PDF:
Effectiveness of Problem Solution, demonstration and periodic Evalu¬ation in Physic Stcaching
[N.A. Parwaz and Zafar Ahmad Hasni]
Download PDF:
Induced genetic variation in Brassica Juncea
[M. Saleem Shaheen, Abdul Shakoor and A. Rehman Chowdhry]
Download PDF:
Biochemical changes in Fattened animals as affected by urea Feeding
[Abdul Qayyum and M. Iqbal]
Download PDF:
Growth pattern of teddy kids up to the weaning age
[Nazir Ahmad, Muhammad Iqbal and M. Laiq Khan]
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Supplementation of wheat flour_with detoxified cotton seed flour
[A.R. Barque, T.A. Mufti, Abrar H. Gilani and M. I, Siddiqui]
Download PDF:
Factors affocting the production of cellulase by Chaetomium Clobosum
[Rehana Saeed Khan, Abu Saeed Hashmi and Afzal Ilahi]
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