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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 17
Issues 1,2
Published In: June 1980
Role of Starter Nitrogen and time of Phosphate Application in Maximizing Berseem Production
[M. Aslam Mian and Mohammad Bakhsh]
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Birds of the University Campus (Faisalabad) and their economic Significance
[Mirza Azhar Beg and Junaid Iqbal Qureshi]
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Comparison of oil contents of Rice Bran of different varieties and to study the effects of temperature and Antioxidant on free fatty acid and peroxide values
[Gliulam Sabir and A. Rashid Qureshi]
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Induced genetic variation in Brassica Juncea II Breeding for resis¬tance against shattering
[M. Saleem Shaheen, Abdul Shakoor. A. Rehman Chowdhryand Manzoor A. Khan]
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Chemical Weed Control in Corn
[Muhammad All Gill and M. I. Zafar]
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Deep-Freezing of Buffalo Spermatozoa by straw method
[Khaliq Ahmad, Rashid Ahmad Ch., Waheed Ahmed and Ala-ud- Din]
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Repeatability of milk yield and effect of age at first calving and calving interval on milk yield in a Sahiwal herd.
[Muhammad Tahir and Rab Nawaz Khan]
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Effect of nature and concentration of salts on germination andseedling growth in barley
[Saeed Ahmad, Shamshad Hussain Shah. Muhammad Shabir Rauf and Z. A. Cheema]
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Formulation of quantitative Equations for the release as well as Adsorption of different cations from the clay complex of salt affected soils
[Tahir Hussain and E. D. Reyes]
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Physical Stabilization of Lipase on activated charcoal
[Mutloob Hussain Akhtar and Mohammad Yaqub]
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Preparation and Characterization of Peanut Butter
[Muhammad Akhtar Durrani, Amjad Ali and M. Shafiq Chaudhry]
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Extraction and Characterization of oil from seeds of pinus longi-folia (Cheer Pine)
[Abdul Qayyum Chaudhary, Riaz Ahmad and Abu Saeed Hashmi]
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Determination of E:onomic Threshold for Maize Borer, Chilo Partellus (Swinhoe) and Maize Jassid-Zygina Sp. on spring maize
[M. A. Ansari and Manzoor Ahmad]
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Characterization of salt affected soils of Peshawar District
[M.S. Sarir, J K Khattak and A. Rashid]
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Gene action for yield and yield components in wheat
[Muhammad Khalid Zia and A. Rehman Chowdhry]
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Phenotypic manifestation of Primitive Barleys
[A.R. Rao, S. Kaukab and A.R. Arshad]
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