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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 18
Issues 1,2,3,4
Published In: December 1981
Effects of 2 (Chloroethyl) triraethyl ammonium chloride (CCC) on yield and related characters in gram variety C-727
[Shahida Parveen, Feroza Baig and Nasir Ahmad Baig]
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Phenotypic correlations of major yield characters in sugarcane (Saccharum Officinarum L ).
[Muhammad Sharif, Khurshid Alam and A. Khaliq]
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Studies into causes of chlorosis in Tabernaemontana divaricata (Linn.)R. BR
[Riffat Jabeen, Ejaz Rasul and R. H. Qureshi]
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Magnitude of phenotypic variation in primitive wheat landraces from Skardu region (N. Pakistan)
[Altaf-ut-Rehman Rao, S. A. Saeed and Miss Shamim Rukhsana]
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Studies on the life history and habits of codling moth Cydia (Las-peyresia) pomonella (L.) Toitricidae: Lepidoptera in the Murree Hills
[Syed Alamdar Hussain, M. Rqfique Khan and Hyder Ali Shah]
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Heterosis in cotton G. Hirsutum L. under two presowing tempera¬ture conditions.
[Manzoor Ahmad Khan, Abdul Khaliq and Nazir Ahmad]
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Utilization of agricultural by products for the production of lipase by Aspergillus niger by submerged fermentation
[Javaid Iqbal and Muhammad Yaqub]
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HeritabiliJy studies on yield and yield components in hexaploid triticale
[M. Afzal, A. Rehman Chowdhry and Muhammad A slam Chowdhry]
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Fa-tors affecting the susceptibility of maize-grains to the attack of Sitotroga cerealella (Oliv.) larvae.
[M. A. Wahla, M. A. Bhatti and M. Shafique]
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Analysis of uniform pressure distributed dividing flow manifold
[Syed I. Ahmad, J. S Walker, B. J. Butler, L E. Bode and J. W. Hummel]
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Studies on correlation between suint and degree of yellowness of wool
[Iftikhar Ahmad Mian, Nazir Ahmad Parwaz and Gulzar Ali Khan]
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New records of fungi associated with some stored cereal grains
[Sher Muhammad, Waseem Ahmad and Masoud Ahmad Nasir]
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Effect of soils with different clay content on nitrification
[Altaf Hussain, Akhtar Hussain, Muhammad Arshad and Muhammad Akram]
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Effect of different temperatures and storage periods on the fungal flora of wheat flour
[Farhat Fatima Shahnaz and Masoud Ahmad Nasir]
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An econometric analysis of sugarcane production in the Punjab
[Khalid Mustafa and Zulfiqar Ahmad Gill]
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Assessment of residual effectiveness of imidan, sumithion, lebaycid and kilval on turnip crop by biological method
[Manzoor-ul-Haq and Maqbool Hussain]
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Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers on the yield of toria (Brassica compestris) seed and the quality of toria seed cake
[Muhammad Saleem, Iftikhar Ahmad Chaudhry, Abdul Jabbar and Abdul Ghani]
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