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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 20
Issues 3,4
Published In: December 1983
Pattern of infestation of wheat crop by rats and mice
[Mirza A. Beg, A. A. Khan and M. Sarwar]
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The effect of introducing leading shallow tines in combination with winged subsoiler
[M, Amanat A. Chaudhry]
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Paraechinorhynchus kalriai n. g., n. sp. (Neoechinorhynchidea : Neoechinor-hynchinae) from Labeo rohita (Ham)
[F. M. Bilqees and Aly Khan .]
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Rice field rat control trials a preliminary study
[A. A. Khan and W. R. Smythe]
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Plot sizs studies using experimental data on wheat
[M. Ashfaq, M. Iqbal Zafar, M. Yusaf Khan and H. Zamman Khurram]
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Yield and quality of of wheat as influenced by environment
[M. A. Bajwa, M, Ullah, F. M Anjum, M. Sarwar and S. Khan]
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Effect of plant spacings and nitrogen levels on the ripening and yield of rice
[F M. Chaudhry and M. Suliman]
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Effect of fungicides on mycelial growth, pyenidial production and spore germination of Aecochyta rabiei
[M. Bashir, M. B. Ilyas and M. N. Bajwa]
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Chemical control of gram blight
[M. Bashir and M. B.Ilyas]
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Diallel crops analysis for combining ability in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L. em. Thell)
[B. Ahmad, A. R. Chowdhry, M. A. Chowdhry and K. Alam]
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Screening of cotton varieties against salinity. I. At germination stage
[Nazir Ahmad, R. H. Qureshi, R. D. Khan and A. Ghani]
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Combining ability studies in seven wheat varieties
[M. S. Shaheen and A. R. Chowdhry]
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Diallel analysis for the gene action and combining ability on cotton (Gossy-pium hirsium L.)
[A. S. Khan, M. A. Khan, I A. Khan and Khaliq]
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Comparative efficacy of Zanil (ICI), Trodax (M & B) and Distodine (Pfizer) against Faecioliaeie in Teddy goats
[I. Ahmad and M. Shafique]
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A genetic study on hip height, visual scores and performance traits in Angusand Polled Hereford bulls
[U. N. Khan and L. L. Benyshek]
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Chemical control of root and stem rot of broad bean
[M. Ayub, M. B. Ilyas and M. A, Randhawa]
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