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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 21
Issues 1,2
Published In: May 1984
Moisture-movement characteristics of a silty loam soil stabilized with sodium chloride
[M. Amanat A. Chaudhry and G. Singh]
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Genetics of yield and yield related characters in hexaploid tritieale
[M. Siddique Sadiq, M. Saleem, G. R. Tahir and A. Rehman]
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Growth analysis studies in Mung (Vigna radiata L. Wilczek)
[Khurshid Alam , S Rasul and M. Aslam Chowdhry]
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Nocturnal behaviour of buffaloes as relatrd to their milk production
[Bakht B. Khan, Mushtaq Ahmad, Z. Ahmad , Mushtaq Ahmad and Javed Iqbal]
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Effect of different commercial rations on the haematological values and performance of broiler chicks from 0 to 5 weeks of age
[A Shakoor Chaudhry, A. R. Barque, M. Z. Alam, S. H. Hanjra and A, D. An jam]
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Evalaution of systemic fungicides for the control of Gram Blight
[M. B. Ilyas and M. Bashir]
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Reproduction and structure of a Bandicota bengalensis population in an agro-ecosystem
[Akbar A. Khan and Mirza A.Beg]
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Rainfall trends and cyclic variations at Faisalabad
[M. A Salimi and N. A. Parwaz]
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Study on broiler ration.11.Comparative efficiency of different vitamin-mineral supplements ia broiler finisher rations
[Sakhawat Ali, M. Akram, A. .R. Barque, T. H. Shah, M. Laiq Khan and Mushtaq Ahmad]
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Growth and yield responses of Abelmoschus esculentus (Okra) to gibberellic acid
[Muhammad Kausar and Khalil A. Khan]
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Wheat yield and its components as influenced by geometry of planting
[M Shafiq, Nazir, Maqsood Rnza, G. Ali and R. H. Sahi]
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Spinning evaluation of Pakistani and New Zealand wool yarns for carpets
[Mushtaq Ahmad, Bakht B. Khan, N A. Jamil and M. S. Naseem]
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A study of the effect of stabilan on reproductive characters of deer arietinum L.
[M. Akbar, E. Rasul and M. Saleem]
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The comparison of genetic variability between the Himalayan centres of diversity for barley characteristics
[Mansur Mohsin Gilani]
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Chemical and biological evaluation of some exotie and local raage grasses
[M. Akhtar Hussain, G. Sarwar Khan and A. II Gilani]
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Short Notes
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Identification of different species of Eimeria in sheep and goats in and around Lahore sity
[Mubashar S. Mian, Ilyas A. Khan, Altaf H. Sheikh and A. Rabbani]
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A new record of post-harvest pod decay of pea by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum
[Mohammad Bashir Ilyas]
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