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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 21
Issues 3,4
Published In: December 1984
Chemical analysis and utilization of 'Khaar'
[Tasaduq Hussain and Riaz Ahmad]
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Ultra structure study and redescription of Pallisentis magnum Saeed and Bilqees, 1971
[Aly Khan and Fatima M. Bilqees]
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Sizes and shapes of plots for field plot experiments on wheat uniformity trial data
[Aftab-i-Islam, M. Ashfaq, M. Idrees Ahmed and S. A. Wazir Haider]
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High, intermediate and low yield technologies of paddy production in a selected area of the Punjab
[Mian M. Aslam]
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Production of autumn versus spring planted sugarcane and intercropping of wheat in autumn sown cane
[Riaz A. Khan, M. Saeed and Saeed Ahmad]
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Studies on the persistency of lactation in Tharparkar cows
[Abdul Ghaffar, M, D. Ahmad, Zaheer Ahmad and- M. Aftab Khan]
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Agricultural mechanization research, development and planning
[Ghulam Sarwar Sheikh]
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Pharmacokinetics and dosage of oxytetracycline in buffaloes
[Bukhtiar H. Shah, M, Nawaz and 1 Javed]
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Gene flow and population structure in two species of Trifolium
[M. Saleem]
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Screening of fungal strains for the iolation of lipaae enzyme
[M. Afzal, M. Yaqub, M. Jamil Qureshi and A. Salam]
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Crystal structure of (irdolyl-3) phenyl iodonium trifluoro acetate
[Fiyyaz A. Chuyhtai and Valadimir A Budylin]
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Studies on the factors affecting milk yield in Tharparkar cows
[Zaheer Ahmad, M D. Ahmad A Ghaffar]
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Diallel analysis of some agronomic characters of rice (oryza sativa L.) plant under two spaciaga
[Manzoor A. Khan, Iftikhar A, Khan, A. Rehman and M Ali]
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The Bandicoot rat invades Punjab
[Mirza Azher Beg and Akbar Ali Khan]
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Bacteriology of milk taken from apparently normal buffalo udder
[Kubra B. Sahi, Iftikhar Hussain and M. Ashfaque]
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Carcase yield as influenced by age and sex in sheep and goats
[Nazir Ahmad, Bakht B. Khan, S. Ahmed, M. Younas and J. I. Sultan]
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Effect of weed competition on wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
[S. A. Saeed, M. Sadiq and Abid Nisar]
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Lucerne : A new host for Choanephora cucurbitarum in Pakistan
[M. A. Randhawa, M. B. Ilyas and Ehsan-ul-Haq]
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Choanephora pod rot of mungbean
[S. S. Alam, S. H. Qureshi and M.Bashir]
Download PDF:
Selerotinia stem rot of flax in Pakistan
[M. S. Mirza and M. B. Ilyas]
Download PDF:
Selerotinia wilt of egg-plant
[M. B. Ilyis and M . N. Bajwa]
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Problems faced by farm families in raisiag milch animals
[Sakina Naz]
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