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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 24
Issue 4
Published In: December 1987
Emergence of wheat seedlings as affected by soil compaction
[Jehangir Khan Sial, Ghulam Sarwar Sheikh and M. Afzal]
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Drought tolerance of wheat genotypes
[Nazir Ahmad, R. H. Quershi, M. Sarwar and Tariq Mahmood]
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Pliytochemical screening of the fruit of Ceesalpinia crista (Karanjwa), Melia azedarach (Bakain) and roots of Saussurea lappa (Qust-e-Shireen)
[M. S. Akhtar and Nosheena Farah]
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Effect of egg weight on the performance of three commercial broiler strains
[Jahan Zeb Ansari, T.H. Shah, M.Fahim Ullah, M.Tahir and M. Rnfique Ch]
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Comparative nutritive value of treated and untrealed mustard oil cake in rabbit feeding
[M. Akram, Shah Nawaz, Shahid Rasool, M. Aslam and Masroor E. Babar]
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Performance of Beetal kids as influenced by feeding frequency of a fattening ration
[Shahid Iqbal, Nazir Ahmad, S. H. Hanjra, Muhammad Sajjad Khan and Raza A. Gill]
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Development of the Gapon equation and its application for evaluating irrigation waters and soils
[Shah Muhammad]
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Combining ability in a seven parent diallel cross of spring wheat
[Khurshid Alam, M. Aslam Chowdhry and A. Salam Khan]
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Comparative study on the effect of albac, gallamycin and O-tetra-45 as feed additives on the performance of broiler chicks
[Abdul Rashid, M. Z. Siddiqi, A. H Gilani, T. H. Shah and K. Almas]
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Study of gastro-intestinal nematodes and taxonomy of the species of Haemonchus in sheep and goats
[Abid Naseem. Asif Rabbani, Mubashar Saeed and M. Afzal]
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Effect of auxin and cytokinin on the brittleness of chickpea callus
[Farrukh Javed, Nasir A. Baig and Feroza Baig]
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Effect of post-emergence herbicides on weeds in wheat
[S. Ahmad, Z. A. Cheema, R. M. Iqbal and M. A. Sher]
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Studies on the efficacy and safety of Quinapyramine sulphate against trypanosomiasis in naturally infected horses and donkeys
[C. S. Hay at, M. Qasim Khan, B. Hayat and Zafar Iqbal]
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Effect of inbreeding on performance traits of Awassi sheep
[Zaheer Ahmad, M. Akhtar, M. A, Khan and M. K. Ahmad]
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