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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 25
Issue 4
Published In: December 1988
Extraction and characterization of Bauhinia verigata (Kachnar) seed oil
[Abdullah Qamar, Nasira Parveen, F.A, Chughtai and Riaz Ahmad]
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Earthworms of Faisalabad Division
[Abdul Ghafoor, Junaid Iqbal Qureshi and M. Saleem Chaudhry]
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Effect of various feed forms on the performance of broiler chicks
[Muhammad Akram, T. H. Shah, Sultan Mahmood, Zafar Alam and Nazir Ahmad]
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A study of the effectiveness of pesticide agencies in the diffusion of recommended
[Saeed Ahmad Khan, Niaz Hussain Malik and M, Jamil Akbar]
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Cuticular scale patterns of the guard hair of some game animals
[Mumtaz Akhter, M.A. Beg and M. Mushtaq-ul-Hassan]
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The influence of varying energy levels in broiler feeds
[Shahid Rasool, M. Z. Alam, H. M. Chaudhry, M. A. Sial,M. Arif Assad and Sultan Mahmood]
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Physiological response of foliar and soil application of nitrogen on cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)
[M. Akbar, M, H. Zahid, E. Rasul and A. N.Ahmad]
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Effect of some clarifying agents on the quality of date syrup during storage
[Mohammad Osman Abdollah, Mohammad Laiq Khanand Riaz Ahmad Riaz]
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Present status of nitrates and nitrites in vegetables
[Muhammad Mukhtar and K. M. Khan]
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A comparative study of effectiveness of cement and lime as stabilizers to reduce soil erosion
[M. Amanat Ali Chaudhry]
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Effect of gypsum, farm yard manure, green manure and SSP fertilizer on some physical properties of saline-sodic soils
[Anwar-ul-Hassan and Iftikhar Ahmad]
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Heritability estimates of plant height, yield and yield components in wheat (Triticum aestivum L. Em. Thell)
[Ghulam Mahbooh Subhani and Khurshid Alam]
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Chemical weed control in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)
[Z. A. Cheema, S. Ahmad and A. J. Wahla]
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Response of berseem to water stress and environment in northern Punjab
[M. Tahir Rashid, Bashir Ahmad and M. Salim]
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A study on selection of the important variables subset in barley breeding trials
[Aftab-i-Islam, Muhammad Ashfaq and Nazir Ahmad]
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Evaluation of wheat inoculation techniques with Neovossia indica and screening of wheat germplasm against the pathogen
[Khalid Iftikhar, M. B. Ilyas, M.A.R. Bhatti and M. Arshad]
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Response of wet land rice to copper and zinc in the presence of NPK
[Manzoor Qadir, Iftikhar Ahmad and Atta Muhammad Ranjha]
Download PDF:
Performance of wheat on green manured and fertilised fields
[M. Asghar Malik, Malik A. Hayee and Asghar Ali]
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