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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 05
Issue 3,4
Published In: September 1968
Comparative Effect of Feeding Quality Hay and Pasture Grazing to Lohi Ewes on the Weight of Lambs during last Six Weeks of their Pregnancy.
[Imtiaz Hussain Khan and Muhammad Jamil Qureshi]
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Packaging Requirements of Ready-to-Serve-Instant Tea-Mix in Relation to Moisture Equilibrium.
[M. B. Bhatti, A. Sattar and M. R. Chaudhry]
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Influence of Nutrition on the Development of Root Rot of Barley.
[Muhammad Sharif Tabassam and Abdul Ghafoor Kausar]
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Effect of Different Fertilizers and Seed Rates on the Growth, Yield and Quality of two Varieties of Lentils.
[Abdellah M. Nessib and M. Sharif Bajwa]
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Estimation of Total Feedlot Gain in Beef Cattle from Initial Weight, Initial Age and Early Gain
[Manzur-ud-Din Ahmad]
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Effect of Salinity on the Germination of Sorghum 100 and Wheat C. 250
[Abdur Rauf and M. Aslam Mian]
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Comparative Evaluation of Drought Hardiness of some Local and Exotic Wheat Varieties.
[Khurshid Alam and Muhammad Yusuf]
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Inheritance of Heterotypical Fibres in Lohi Sheep.
[Muhammad Khalil Ahmad and S. M. Naqi Haider]
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Effect of Clarification on the Percentage Recovery of Sugar from Punjab Canes.
[Tafazzal Hussain and Sultan Ahmad Tremazi]
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The Internal Anatomy of Metoponorthus pruinosus (Brandt).
[Muhammad Aslam Chaudhry and Muhammad Rafiq Khan]
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A Comparative Study on Intra-nasal, Intra-ocular and Drinking Water Routes of Vaccinationof Young Chicks against Ranikhet Disease.
[Rehmat Ali: M.A.Majeed and M.Jamil]
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Effect of Hormones on the Development of Date Fruit.
[Roshan Ali and Daud Ahmad Khan]
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Effect of Cereal Grains on the Growth Rate and Feed Efficiency of Broiler Chicks.
[Muhammad Akram]
Download PDF:
Correlation Between Certain Economic Characters in Pakistan Cottons
[Muhammad Amin Khan and Abdul Hameed Khan]
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Value of Cottonseed Cake and Blood Meal in Concentrate Mixture of Dairy Cows.
[Ihsanul Haq Ghumman and M. B. Sial]
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Effect of Canning and Storage on Ascorbic Acid and its Oxidation Products of Kinnow Juice
[A. Sattar and Riaz-ur-Rehman]
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Studies on the Biology of Gnomonia fragariae (Klebahn.
[Abdul Ghafoor Kausar]
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