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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 05
Issue 1
Published In: January 1968
The effect of hormonal treatment on oestrous cycle and ovulation in cows and buffaloes
[Khalid Masoud Ahmad and A. W. Qureshi]
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Three new mites of the genus Ledermuelleria (Stigmaeidae)
[Wali M. Chaudhry]
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The influence of age and number of Madin-Darby bovine kidney cells in monolayers on the size and number of plaques formed by bovine enterovirus
[M. A. Barya and T. Moll]
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Heritability and inheritance of some qualitative characters in wheat
[Naeem Iqbal Hashmi]
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Comparative study of fertility and hatchabiliiy in white leghorn and white cornish breeds of chickens
[Masoud Mahmood and M. Fahim Ullah]
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Influence of nutrition on the development of Helminthosporium blight of rice
[Zafar Iqbal Kahlon and Abdul Ghafuor Kausar]
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Comparison of various oilseed cakes as a source of protein in fattening lambs
[Ahmad Mustansir Billah, M. B. Sial and M. Akram]
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Characteristic of certain olive varieties at Lyallpur
[Ashiq Hussain Randhawa and Daud Ahmad Khan]
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Availability of manganese, copper, zinc as affected by nitrogen and phos-phorus fertilizers
[Aman Ullah Khan and M. Fasahat Ali Khan]
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Effect of different levels of nitrogen on the yield, total nitrogen content and nitrogen uptake of four orchardgrass varieties under controlled conditions
[Riaz A. Khan and A. D. Dotzenke]
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Stability of fats and oils under different storage conditions as affected by antioxidants
[Amjad Ali and S. A. Tremazi]
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Modification of methods for the determination of nitrogen in soils
[Muhammad Mohsin Iqbal and Abdul Khabir Hashmi]
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Possibility of raising two crops of maize in a year in irrigated areas
[Muhammad Ali Gill]
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The application of reciprocal selection for increasing yielding ability of a maize double cross
[Ghazanfar Ali Shah and Siraj-ud-Din Shah]
Download PDF:
Effect of the plane of nutrition on wool growth in lohi sheep
[M. S. Ahmad and M. J. Qureshi]
Download PDF:
Fungicides for the control of sugarcane smut
[A. G. Kausar, Sardar Muhammad and Nazir Ahmad]
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