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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 27
Issue 4
Published In: December 1990
Heritability estimates of some measures of milk production in Sahiwal cattle
[Ghulam Mohiuddin, Zaheer Ahmad, Safdar Ali & Muhammad Tufail]
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Isolation of mycotoxins produced by an antagonistic fungal organism, arachniotus species
[Zahid Mahmood, A. S. Hashmi & Mohammad Akhtar]
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Cylindrical parabcjit solar concentration
[Muhammad Anwar Chaudhri & Zafar Ahmad Hasni]
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Food habits of the^ommon toad, bufo stomaticus
[M. Salahuddin, S.A. Rana, M.A. Beg & M. Mushtaq-ul-Hassan]
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Support prices and the prices received by the farmers for major crops----an economic analysis
[Qamar Mohy-ud-Din & Mukhtar Ahmad Wahla]
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Design, and development of a grain dryer
[M. Younis, M.S. Sabir, G.S. Sheikh, Ahmad Shaft & M. Iqbal]
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Attitude and aspirations of rural mothers towards female education
[Aesha Randhawa, Razia Sultana & Syeda Khizra Aslam]
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Effect of season on quality and quantity of semen in crossbred bulls under con-ditions of Pakistan
[Muhammad Ashraf, M. Tahir, M.E. Babar & S.H. Raza]
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In vitro chemotherapeutic sensitivity against various isolates from clinical cases of mastitis in cows, buffaloes and goats
[M. Iqbal Siddiqui, M.W. Azam, T. Mahmood, I.A. Khan & A. Hamid]
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Effect of artificial feed, ration rate and temperature on the specific growth of major carps
[S.Z.H. Naqvi, A.N. Sheri, N. Ahmad, M. Afzal & l. Aziz]
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Constraints in the flow of agricultural credit
[Alxlur Rahman Qazi, Mian M.Bashir Kausar & A. Rauf]
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Education triggers up the use of recommended plant protection measures among the farm¬ers
[M. Jamil Akbar, Jamil Ahmad, Niaz H. Malik, M. Yousaf Khan & Sher Muhammad]
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External characteristics and density of the crested porcupine burrows in embankments and some other non-crop areas
[Muzaffar Khan, Haji M. Aslam, M.A. Beg & Akbar A. Khan]
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Effect of seedling transplanting and sowing date on bolting, yield and quality of sugar beet
[Abid Hussain]
Download PDF:
Differential uptake and growth response to micronutrients in various rice cultivars
[M.Tahir, F.Hussaln, MA.Kausar & A.S. Bhatti]
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Estimation of heterosis and inheritance of some quantitative characters of economic impor¬tance in spring wheat crosses
[Medhet K. Hussain & A. Rehman Chowdhry]
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Studies on comparative yield performance of five sugarcane varieties planted in autumn season
[Riaz Ahmad, Mazhar Iqbal Qureshi, M.Bashir Gill, S.A.Cheema & M. Munir Bajwa]
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Effect of different weed control practices on cotton weeds and its yield
[ZahidAta Cheema, Saeed Ahmad, Muhammad Ashraf Gill & Muhammad Amin]
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Use of high magnesium brackish water for reclamation of saline-sodic soil. 1. soil improve¬ment
[Abdul Ghafoor, Faiz ullah & M. Abdullah]
Download PDF:
Relative resistance of some cotton cultivars against insect pests with reference to physico-chemical characters
[Rana M. Yousaf & Manzoor Ahmad]
Download PDF:
Heterosis and inbreeding depression of induced mutants in basmati rice (oryza sativa
[A.A. Cheema, M.A. Awan & G.R. Tahir]
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Heavy minerals separation and their study by the optical and scanning electron microso-copy
[S.A Shahid, D.A. Jenkins & R.H. Qureshi]
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Growth physiology of sordan grass (Sorghum Bicolor X Sorghum Sudanese) under saline conditions
[Alxlul Razzaq, Nazir Ahmad, Rashid Ahmad, R.H. Qureshi, Muhammad Aalam & M. Qadir]
Download PDF:
Effect of different external K+/Na+ and Ca /Na+ ratios on growth, ionic composition and
[Muhammad Aslam, R.H. Qureshi, N. Ahmed & Shafqat Nawaz]
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