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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 28
Issue 1
Published In: January 1991
Salt tolerance studies on some grasses 1. Dicanthium annulatum
[Tahir Rizwan Sohail, Ejaz Rasul & Khalid Mahmood]
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Bird pest damage to guava fruits
[Iftikhar Hussain, Shahid Munir, Shakeel Ahmad & A. Aziz Khan]
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Chemical and hygienic quality of milk supplied to canteens of various educational institutions in Faisalabad city
[M. Iqbal Mustafa, Bakht B. Khan, M. Abdullah & Laiq A. Khan]
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Effect of silage feeding on milk production and composition in Nili-Ravi buffaloes
[M.Anwar, Bakht B. Khan, RA. Gill, MA. Khan & Arshad Iqbal]
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Comparative study of factors contributing to the mortality in lambs and kids
[Falik Sher Khan, Bakht B. Khan, Sadaqat H. Hanjra, A.R. Barque, Ghulam Mohy-ud-Din]
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Direct drilling (No-till) opener design specifications and soil micro-environmental factors to influence barley seedling establishment in a wet soil
[A.D. Chaudhry, CJ. Baker &JA. Springett]
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Use of polyethylene film for lining water courses
[Arshad Ali & M. Asghar Rana]
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Determination of attitude of contact farmers towards working efficiency of field assistants in training and visit programme
[Niaz H. Malik, Sher Muhammad, SaeedA. Khan, M. Jamil Akbar & M. Yousaf]
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Using rural secondary schools as centres of extension education activities
[Niaz H. Malik & SaeedA. Khan]
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A study into factors associated with low participation level in eduction of rural females
[Aesha Randhawa, Razia Sultana & Syeda Khizra Aslam]
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A study of the programme of professional education in agriculture in the Punjab
[Maqbool Alam Toor, Sher Muhammad & Khalid Mahmood]
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Need of agricultural education for young farmers in Faisalabad tehsil
[Maqbool Alam Toor]
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Effect of urea-molasses-block on milk production of local cows under village condition
[S.S. Kibria, M.R. Islam, M.S. Zaman, T.N. Nahar& C.K. Saha]
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Studies on wheat-methra biological intercrop relationship
[M.S. Sharar, M. Mushtaq, M.S. Nazir, A. Tanweer, S.A. Cheema & Munir A. Majwa]
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Salt tolerance studies in roses
[Muhammad Jafar Jaskani, Muhammad Qasim &. RiazHussain Qureshi]
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Correlation of zinc with iron and manganese immobilized in subsurface horizons of two calcareous rice soils
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Combining ability for grain yield and other related traits in wheat (Triticun aestivun L. em. Thell).
[Ihsan Khaliq, M. Aslam Chowdhry & Khurshid Alam]
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Nitrogen requirement of cotton NIAB-78 and NIAB-86 after excesive flower and boll shedding
[A. Hamid & M. Ahmad]
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Some studies on the biology and control of Acigona steniellus (Hampson).
[Manzoor Ahmad, Mansoor-ul-Hasan & Sakhi Sarwar]
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SJGrowth response of "Mazenta" (fodder) to N-sources and rates in different textured saline- sodic soils
[Ghazanfar Siddique & Anwar-ul-Hassan]
Download PDF:
Effect of fungicides on the control of Gram blight
[M. Bashir Ilyas]
Download PDF:
Turbidometric technique for the measurement of various subdivisions of clay in soil
[S.A. Shahid & D.A. Jenkins]
Download PDF:
Potassium fixation by the minerals of the Lyallpur soil series
[S.A. Shahid, D.A. Jenkins &.K.H. Gill]
Download PDF:
Chemical control of rice leaf folder
[Muhammad Akram Zafar]
Download PDF:
A note on foraging of the occidental bee Apis Mellifera L. on 'shain' Plectranthus rugosus in
[PakistanNasreen Akhtar]
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Redundancy and selection in the reading programme
[Abdul Haq Malik]
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