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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 28
Issue 2
Published In: March 1991
Particle size and compaction pressure of soil as important parameters in the selection of tractors and equipment
[Ghulam Sarwar Sheikh]
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Fish pond fertilization. III. Effect of layer manure fertilization on the growth performance of Catla catla, Labeo rohita and Cirrhina mrigala
[Muhammad Javed & M.B. Sial]
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Determination of transmissivity and storage coefficient of aquifers by Theis method as an effective technique
[Aflab H. Azhar, M. Asghar Rana & Mohammad Javid]
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Effect of level of milk on some fertility traits in Sahiwal cattle
[Muhammad Tahir, M. Sajid Azhar, Zaher Ahmad & M.E. Babar]
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Betamcthasone induced histological changes in the guinea pig skin
[Imtiaz Ahmad & TS. Abidi]
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Credibility developed by the extension field staff among the farming community
[Saeed A. Khan, Niaz H. Malik, Khalid M. Chaudhry, Kausar Almas & M. Akram Zia]
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Development of auto-start graduated siphon tube for diverting and measuring irrigation Water
[Arshad Ali & M. Asghar Rana]
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Socio-economic status as an important variable in the working efficiency of extension field staff
[Niaz H. Malik, Saeed A. Khan, Rana M. Yousaf, M. Akram Zia, Maqbool A. Toor& Nighat Bhatty]
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Comparative study of milk composition and fat globule size in various mammals
[Tahir Zahoor & Riaz Ahmad Riaz]
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Physical characteristics of Punjab Desi cottons
[Sheikh M. Nawaz, Shahid S. Shad, Riaz A. Khan & Muhammad Shafiq]
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Effect of sowing date, plant population and planting method on the growth and dry matter of sugar beet
[Abid Husain & RJ. Field]
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Development and uses of pressure probe: a breakthrough in the study of water Relations in plants
[Humayun Arif, Nazir Ahmad & Riaz Hussain Qureshi]
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Effect of different factors on ammonia volalalization from urea in alluvial soils
[A. Hamid & M. Ahmad]
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Genetic analysis of upland cotton under Faisalabad conditions. II. Ginning outturn percentage and fibre characters
[Tariq Manzoor Khan, Iftikhar Ahmad, Manzoor Ahmad Khan & Naveed Murtaza]
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Eleclrophoretic analysis of seed proteins of various cotton varieties of different geographic areas
[IIftikhar Ahmad Khan]
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Use of high magnesium brackish water for reclamation of saline-sodic soil. II. Yield and chemical composition of wheat and rice
[Abdul Ghafoor, Faiz Ullah & M. Abdullah]
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Chemical control Of charcoal rot soybean caused by Macrophomina phaseolina (Tassi) goid
[M. Ahmad, M.A. Khan, R. Haq, S.T.Sahi & M.N. Bajwa]
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Officials response to the organization of water users associations under the WUA Ordinance 1981
[Khurshid A. Qureshi, Ashfaq H. Mirza & M. Afzaal Khan]
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Growth response of wheat to salinity and hypoxia
[S. Parveen, R.H. Qureshi & M. Aslam]
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Some aspects of physiology of salt tolerance in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
[R.H. Qureshi, M. Aslam, G. Mustafa & J. Akhtar]
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Harvest index in bread wheat
[M. Aslam Chowdhry, Khuirshid Alam & Ihsan Khaliq]
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Anthracnose of guava - a new record in Pakistan
[Abdus Shakoor Shakir, Masoud Ahmed Nasir & Shabaz Talib Sahi]
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Science – Thoery and fact
[Abdul Haq Malik]
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