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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 28
Issue 3
Published In: September 1991
Energy audits and retrofits of deep-well turbine tubewells
[G.S. Saqib & Shaukat Khan]
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Irrigation scheduling for optimal water use
[Qurban A. Awan, Asaf Sarwar & M. Munir Bajwa]
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A study of the females' choice for admission to the University of Agriculture (Faisalabad) as influenced by the reference group
[Razia Sultana, Syeda Khizra Aslam,Aesha Randhawa, Ashfaq Hussain Mirza & Sarfraz Hussain]
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Interrelationship between crop and machine parameters responsible for wheat harvesting Losses
[Qamar-uz-Zaman, A.D. Chaudhry & M. Asghar Rana]
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Frequency prediction analysis of flood data of Chenab river at Marala by generalized extreme value distribution
[M. Adrees Ahmad & Shazia Arshad]
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Effect of Flavomycin, O-tetra-45 and Tylosin premix as feed additives on the performance of broiler chicks
[Saeed Ahmad Awan, M.Z. Siddiqi, A.M. Gilani & Ahsan-ul-Haq]
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Vegetative and reproductive responses of stabilan to Triticum aestivum L
[Khalil Ahmad Khan]
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Performance of broiler chicks as influenced by varying levels of crude protein and Pesticide
[S.M. Kamal Nasir, Nazir Ahmad Chaudhry & Ahsan-ul-Haq]
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Mathematical model for probabilistic irrigation requirements of lowland rice
[Aftab H. Azhar, Akira Goto & Manzoor-Ahmad]
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Education as a significant variable in the application of extension methods with special reference to demonstration techniques
[Niaz Hussain Malik, Saeed A. Khan,Khalid M. Chaudhry, Jamil Akbar & Munir Ahmad]
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Feasibility analysis of dairy development loans.
[Muhammad Akhtar Bajwa, Bashir Ahmed,M. Aslam Chaudhry & Ghazanfar Ali Gilani]
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Environmental pollution in rural sector
[J.K. Sial, M. Akhtar Abbas & M. Amjad Sarghana]
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Chemical control of sucking insect pests attacking sunflower
[Shamshad Akbar & Sohail Ahmad]
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Evaluation of different herbicides for the control of weeds in maize (Zea mays L.)
[S. Ahmad, M.R. Sabir, A. Tanveer, Z.A. Cheema and M. Ismail]
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Using brackish water on normal and salt-affected soils in Pakistan: A review
[Abdul Ghafoor, Manzoor Qadir& Riaz Hussain Qurcshi]
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Effect of different micro and macro-nutrients on the incidence of potato wilt cv. Diamant
[MA Randhawa, M.Ahmad, M.A. Nasir & S.A. Shahid]
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Yield prediction of sugarcane (Saccarum officinarum) as related to evapotranspiration (ET) in Pakistan.
[M. Ilyas & Z.I. Mirza]
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A study on the impact of amino acid status of leaves and flowers on the productivity of sweet limes (Citrus limettioides Tan)
[Muhammad Ibrahim Chaudhry]
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Studies on effect of signle and mixed inoculum leve;s of spiral and lesson nematodes on brinjal
[Aly Khan, S. Shahid Shaukat & Mahmuda Khanum]
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Comparison of different phosphorus sources for rice and wheat production in sodic soil
[M.H.K. Niazi, J. Iqbal, S.M. Mehdi & K. Hussain]
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Seasonal variation in the population of house mouse (Mus musculus) in canal irrigated wheat sugarcane fodder croplands
[Hammad Ahmad Khan]
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Studies on the fungi causing vegetable rot in the market and cold storage
[NazirAhmed, MukhtarAhmed, M.Aslam Khan, S.T. Sahi & M.N. Bajwa]
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