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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 28
Issue 4
Published In: December 1991
Coloslral immunoglobulins against Paslcurella mullocida (Robert type-I) in crossbred cows
[Masood Akhtar, M. Ashfaque, Hameed Afzal, Musarrat Afaq & Sajjad-ur-Rahman]
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Disposition kinetics and urinary excretion of oxytetracycline in goats
[Tanweer Khaliq, Mahmood Ahmad, Qaiser Mahmood Khan & IjazJaved]
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Replacement of animal protein and vitamin-mineral prcmix with manure silage in broiler rations
[Shahid Rasool, M. Zafar Alam & Masroor Elahi Babar]
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Effect of different cultivation techniques on wheat production
[M. Asghar Rana, Abdul Rauf Chaudhry, Khurshid Ali Qureshi, Buland Akhtar,Waseem Aslam, Aman Ullah Khan & M. Siddique]
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Determining students level of satisfaction in home economics education
[Niaz Hussain Malik, Nighat Bhatty, Kausar Almas, Masoom Zahra & Naheed Abbas]
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Optimizing fertilizer application under a range of input-output prices with special reference to rice crop in district Sheikhupura
[Muhammad Akhtar, Bashir Ahmad & Hafiz S.N. Saqib]
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Effect of pesticide residue in the hacmalological picture of broilers fed different levels of crude protein
[Wahed Arshid, T.H. Shah, M.B. Sial, M. Siddique & G. Hur]
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Effects of energy level, protein level and protein source on steer fcedlot performance
[J. I. Sultan, F.L. Fluharty & S.C. Loerch]
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Food habits of Talera indica in a wheat, sugarcane, and fodder based agroecosystcm
[Akbar Ali Khan, Riffat Amir, Mirza A. Beg & M. Mushtaq-ul-Hassan]
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Relative water content and growth of maize varieties in saline soil
[M. Sadiq, Muzammil Saleem & Gul-e-Nargis]
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Influence of feed restriction during brooding on the subsequent performance of broiler Chicks
[Nazir Ahmad, Habib-ur-Rehman, Ahsan-ul-Haq & Shahid Rasool]
Download PDF:
Effect of different levels of compaction on rice grain yield
[M. Javid, M. Asghar Rana, A.D. Chaudhry, Qamar-uz-Zaman & M. Saleem]
Download PDF:
Mechanisms of hydraulic conductivity reduction in the Khurrianwala soil series
[SA. Shahid & DA. Jenkins]
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Response of spring maize cultivar "Agaitti-72" to N fertilization under saline-sodic soil Conditions
[Abdul Ghafoor& Saleem Akhlar]
Download PDF:
Studies on the growth and yield performance of some new maize genotypes
[S.U. Rehman, T. Mahmood, M. Hussain, Ehsan Ullah &A. Hussain]
Download PDF:
Exploitation of biological potential of gram and lentil under varying intercropping
[M. Asghar Malik, A. Ali, M.R. Sabir & A. Tanvir]
Download PDF:
A new genus Narowalenus (Homoptera: Fulgoroidea: Flatidae) from Pakistan
[M. Shakila]
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Effect of different planting dates on the yield and quality of autumn planted sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.)
[Riaz Ahmad, Muzammil Hussain, M. Bashir Gill & Ehsanullah]
Download PDF:
Effect of various nitrogen levels on growth, yield and quality characteristics of two Newly evolved maize genotypes
[Qamar-uz-Zaman &. Shamshad H. Shah]
Download PDF:
Correlation and path coefficient analysis in maize (Zea mays L.)
[Abdul Qadir & Muhammad Saleem]
Download PDF:
Comparative evaluation of some sweet orange varieties at Islamabad
[Khalid M. Qureshi, M. Hashim, K.M. Khokhar & Abid H. Shah]
Download PDF:
Chemical and hygienic quality of milk supplied to canteens of various hospitals in Faisalabad city
[Bakht B. Khan, M. Iqbal Mustafa, M. Abdullah & M. Yaqoob]
Download PDF:
Impact of watercourse improvement on the steady state and transit losses
[Qurban Ali Awan, Arshad Ali, M. Munir Bajwa, Qazi A. Rehman &Asaf Sarwar]
Download PDF:
Chemical basis of plant resistance of some inbred lines of maize against Chilo partellus (Swinhoe)
[Manzoor Ahmad, Muhammad Javed, Taj Muhammad & Saeed Asghar Cheema]
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