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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 29
Issue 2
Published In: March 1992
Analysis and interpretation of breeding records of a Sahiwal herd for reproductive performance
[Muhabbat Khan, Zaheer Ahmad & Muhammad Sajjad Khan]
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Hydro-salinity system in a canal command area
[Qurban Ali A wall, Asaf Sarwar & Muhammad Rafique Ch.]
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Effect of various feeding regimes on the performance of broilers
[M. Zubair Siddiqi, Shahid Javaid, T.R. Shah &Ahsan-ul-Haq]
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A study of socio-economic status of women trainers of the industrial homes
[Razia Sultana, A. Rauf Chaudhry &Aesha Randhawa]
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Fish pond fertilization: IV. Effect of cow-dung on the.growth performance of major carps
[Muhammad Javed; Muhammad Hassan & M.B. Sial]
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Accelerated drying of shelled maize by conduction heating
[M. Younis, M.S. Sabir, G.S. Sheikh & M. Iqbal]
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Effect of age at calving on milk yield in F1 Holstein Friesian X Sahiwal
[Muhammad Zaman Chaudhry, Muhammad Rafique &Abdul Hameed Zafar]
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Economic analysis of additional investment for higher cotton production
[M. Akhtar Bajwa, Bashir Ahmed, M.Aslam Chaudhry & Bashir Ahmed]
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Effect of rehabilitation on the discharge of a tubewell
[Saud Akbar, Mian Javid Tariq &Amanat Ali Chaudhry]
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Haematology and serum electrolyte patterns during Newcastle disease in layer chicks
[Ghulam Abbas, Ahsan-ul-Haq & Abdul Shakoor]
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Physiological responses of some strains of lentil (Lens culinaris Medic.r'to water deficit
[S.N. Chishti & M. Ashraf]
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Screening of urdbean germ plasm for the sources of resistance againstyellow mosaic virus
[M.B. Ilyas, M. Anwar-ul-Haq and K. Iftikhar]
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Effect of different doses of N.P.K. fertilizers on the yield of onion cv. Red ball
[Ch, Muhanunad Ayyub, M.N. Malik & Waqar Ahmed]
Download PDF:
Effect of time of nitrogen' application on growth and productivity of sweet lime (Citrus limeuioides Tanaka)
[Muhammad Ibrahim Chaudhry & Farrakh Naveed]
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Effect of irrigation regimes and nitrogen sources on nitrogen uptake by wheat
[M. Tahir Rashid, M. Yasin & M. Salim]
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Phosphorus fixation by different clay }l1incraJsasaffccledby phosphorus sources and water regimes
[M. Sharif Zia, Rahmatullah, M.B. Baig & M. Aslam]
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An analysis of the relative contribution of area. and yield to total production of wheat and
[Khurshid Ali Qureshi, Buland Akhtar, Muhammad Aslam ,Aman Ullah & Amjad Hussain]
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Genetic analysis of upland cotton under Faisalabad conditions. I. Yield of seed cotton and its componcnts
[Tariq Manzoor Khan, Iftikhar A. Khan Manzoor A. Khan, Naveed Murtaza & Arif Manzoor Khan]
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Combining ability analysis of some plant characters in Hirsutum sp
[Faqir Muhammad Azhar & Muhammad-Akbar]
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Use of high-Mg brackish water on phosphogypsum and FYM treated saline-sodicsoil. I. Soilimprovement
[Abdul Ghafoor, M. Iqbal Shahid; M. Soghir& G. Murtaza]
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Coheritability among different economic traits in bread wheat
[Muhammad Aslam Chowdhry & Ihsan Khaliq]
Download PDF:
Effect of preharvest rains on quality characteristics of some Pakistani commercial wheat varieties
[Muhammad Khalid; R. Nasim, I. Ullah & MA. Khan]
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Adoption of improved agricultural practices by the cotton growers
[Manzoor Ahmad]
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The scientific approach to linguistics
[S.M. Yunus Jilani, Abdul Haq Malik & Bashir Ahmad]
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Download PDF:
Improving reading skill
[S.M. Yunus Jilani, Abdul Haq Malik & BashlrAhmad]
Download PDF:
Patterns of English accentuation
[Abdul Haq Malik, S.M. Yunus Jilani & Bashir Ahmad]
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