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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 29
Issue 3
Published In: September 1992
Serum cortisol and Estradiol-17 /3 levels in bovine under heat stress
[Muhammad Youllas, John w: Fuquay & S.M. Imtiaz Hussain]
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Watercourse lining with RCC slabs
[Arshad Ali & M. Asghar Raila]
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I.Extent of and preference for animals slaughtered on Eid-ul-Azha
[Bakht B. Khan, M. Qamar Bilal, S.H. Hanjra; A.R. Barque, Arshad Iqbal & M. Yaqoob]
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Effect of age at first calving on first lactation performance of Sahiwal cows
[Liaqat Ali, RA. Gill, KZ. Gondal, Zaheer Ahmad, M. Anwar & M. Tahir]
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Colostral immunoglobulins against Rota and Corona viruses in crossbred cows using.streptavidin biotin peroxidase enzyme linked immunosorbant assay
[Mussarat Afaq, M. Ashfaque; Masood Akhtar & Birjess Hayat]
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Reproductive performance of Teddy goats under local conditions
[M.S. Azhar; M.K Ahmad, M. Tahir & M. Riaz]
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Carcass characteristics in broilers as influenced by ascorbic acid supplementation through dri n king water
[Abdul Shakoor, M. Fahim Ullah, Nazir Ahmad, Ahsan-ul-Haq & Abid Ali Tipu]
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Influence of strain, sex and age of chicken on the quality of growth and meat quality characteristics
[M. Tariq, M.Z. Siddiqui, M. Fahim Ullah & Ahsan-ul-Haq]
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Shattering losses as affected by combine indices
[J.K Sial, M. Iqbal, F. Cheema; M.S. Sabir & S. Mahmood]
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Effect of pit and flat planting systems on the yield of autumn sugarcane
[Mahmood A. Randhawa, Khalid M. Chaudhry, M.S. Nazir & M. Yousaf Khan]
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The role of education in the adoption of weedicides for wheat crop by the farmers
[Niaz HiMalik, Saeed A. Khan & Waqar A. Watraich]
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Effect of different salinities on successive growth and ionic composition of tetra- and hexaploid wheats
[Shamshad Hussain Shah]
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Efficiency of various green manures for N fertilizer substitution and residual effect on the following. wheat crop
[T. Hussain, AA. Sheikh, MA. Abbas, G. Jilani & M. Yaseen]
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Effect of plant~ng;method and plant arrangement on leaf area ~index a~d dry ma~ter aceumulation 10 sugar beet
[Abid Hussain & RJ. Field]
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Growth responses of urdbean cultivars to yellowmosaic virus infection
[M. Anwar-ul-Haq, M.B. Ilyas & K Iftikhar]
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Growth response of rice and wheat to(NH)¬2SO4-N rates i n salt-affeqedsoils
[J. Iqbal, S.MMehdi K.Hussain, T. Mahmood & M.H.K. Niazi]
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Inheritance of quantitative traits in cotton (G. hirsutum L.). II. Lint index and fibre quality components
[Naveed Murtaza, Manzoor Ahmad Khan,r)Jl Iftikhar Ahmad Khan, Tariq Manzoor Khan &Arif Manzoor Khan]
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Growth and yield performance of some sunflower (Helianthus annuls L.) hybrid planted in spring season
[Riaz Ahmad, Nazim Hussain, Tariq Mahmood & M. Amjad]
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Control of wheat leaf growth under saline conditions I. Biophysical parameters of 'Lockhart growth mode
[Humayun Arif, A. Deri Tomos & Nazir Ahmad.Abdul Ghafoor; M. Iqbal Shahid, M. Saghir & G. Murtaza]
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Use of high-mg brackish water on phosphogypsum and fym treated saline-sodic soil.ii. growth of wheat and rice
[Abdul ghafoor, M. Iqbal shahid, M. Saghir & G. Murtaza]
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Toxicity levels of Na+ and CI- in wheat leaves cell sap
[Sajida Parveen & R.H. Qureshi]
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Response to selection for seed yield and its components in S2 families of a sunflower pop u lation
[Muhammad Saeed Asif, Syed Sadaqat Mehdi & Medhet Kamil Hussain]
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Potassium removal from saline-sodic soils by green house and laboratory procedures
[A.M. Ranjha, S.M. Mehdi, M. Ashraf & A. Rehman]
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Is the reclamation of dense saline-sodic soils uneconomical? -- Myths and facts
[R.H. Qureshi & M. Qadir]
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Fungi associated with sesame seed
[Abdus Shakoor Shakir & M. Ansar]
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