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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 30
Issue 2
Published In: March 1993
Potential pathways of pesticide transport.
[Abdul R. Tahir, F. Jabeen & John I. Finnie]
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Determination of soil moisture retention and unsaturated hydraulic conductivity curves from pressure outflow experiment
[Asad Samar, Asaf Samar & Talat Mahmood]
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Farmers irrigation strategies at improved and unimproved watercQ.urses
[Abdul Khaliq& Nazir Hussain Javid]
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Demand and supply projections for major livestock products for the year 2000 and new policy options
[Munir Ahmad &-Muhammad Aslam Chaudhry]
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Effect of weight at first calving on first lactation performance in Sahiwal cows
[Liaqat Ali.R.R. Gill & M. Anwar]
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Comparative growth and yield performance of some new and old cultivars of autumn .sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.) .
[Khalid Jamil; M. Shafi Nazir; Mahmood A. Randhawa & Riaz Ahmad]
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Impact of extension education methods used by Field Veterinary Staff for the adoption of improved Livestock farming practices by the farmers
[Kh,alid.M. Chaudhry, M. Iamil Akbar, M. Akram Zia, Fayyaz Tehseen,Bakht B. Khan & M. Zubair Siddiqui]
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Comparison of physico-chemical parameters between 35% crude protein supplemented artificial feed and buffalo dung treated ponds
[Iftikhar Ahmed,.Muhammad Afzal, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Tahir & Ishtiaq Mahmood]
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Some educational and economic characteristics of apple growers in Ouetta district, Pakistan
[TanvirAli, Niaz Hussain Malik, Saeed Ahmad Khan,S. U. Khan & Munir Ahmad]
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Performance assessment of broad crested weir fiume in the field
[Saud Akba, Amjad Hussain, M. Amanat Ali Chaudhry & M. Rafique Chaudhry]
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Length-weight relationshipand condition factor of Catla catla, Labeo rohita and Cirrhina mrigala reared under polyculture conditions of pond fertilization and feedsupplementation
[Muhammad Javed, Muhammad Hassan & Khalid Javed]
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N-banding karyogram of hexaploid Wheat M.30
[Muhammad Fareed Khan]
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Mod of gene action for some agronomically important characters in spring wheat.
[Muhammad Aslam Chowdhry, Muhammad Yussouf Saleem,Khurshid Aslam & Ihsan Khaliq]
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Study on salt tolerance of turf grasses
[Imtiaz Ahmed, Muhammad Qasim, R.H. Qureshi & M.M. Khan]
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Effect of rovral on the yield and incidence of Alternaria blight of mustard
[M.D. Hussain]
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Assessment and utilization of recoverable energy of tubewell discharge
[Muhammad Rafiq Chaudhry & Altaf Hussain]
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Mutation studies jgchickpea (Cicer arietlnum L.). 2. Screening for stress tolerance
[M. Ahsan ul Haq; K.B. Singh, Z. Abidin & M.S. Ahmad]
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Association between seed weight and various seedling traits of a random mated population of sunflower
[Sajid Habib & Syed Sadaqat Mehdl]
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Effect of different bandage materials on the success percentage of veneer and T-grafting in mango
[Waqar Ahmad; M.M. Khan, Muhammad Jafar Jaskani & Imtiaz Ahmad]
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Study of gene action for economic characters in maize
[Muhammad ljaz Tabassum & M. Saleem]
Download PDF:
Efficacy of seed-dressing fungicides on germination and grain yield of wheat [Triticum aestivum)
[Muhammad Ilyas Khaleeq & Sultan Mahmood Khan]
Download PDF:
Potential of Azotobacter for promoting potato growth and yield under optimum fertilizer application
[A. Hussain, M. Sarfraz, M. Arshad & M. Javed]
Download PDF:
Screening of different wheat strains for salt tolerance
[M. Nasim, R.H. Qureshi & M. Aslam]
Download PDF:
Persistence of dichlorvos residues in okra and its effects on sugar content of the vegetable
[Anjuman Ara Zaidi, Afzal Ilahi, Rahila Tanvir& Shamshila Ruby]
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