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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 30
Issue 3
Published In: September 1993
Soil strength as affected by different fertilizers under different soil compaction and moisture conditions
[Ghulam Sarwar Sheikh, Muhammad Shafique & M.S. Sabir]
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Leukocytic counts of normal one-humped camel in summer: Effects of sex, age in males and lactation and/or pregnancy in females .
[AIJas Sarwar, M.N. Chaudhry, J. Iqbal & MA. Majeed]
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Modeling transport of metribuzin in slopinglands
[Abdul R. Tahir, David J. Mulla & Larry G. King]
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The bacula in genus Mus of central Punjab (Pakistan)
[.SyedR. Hussain, Akbar A. Khan & Mirza A. Beg]
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A study of the fulfillment of credit needs of the farmers in district Khanewal
[Ashfaq Hussain Mirza, Abdur Rahman Qazi,Muhammad Jamil Khan & Saif-ur-Rehman]
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Estimation of heritability of wool yield of Awassi sheep in Pakistan
[Muhammad Tahir, Fayaz Ahmad, Maqsood Akhtar & Muhammad Lateef]
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Socio-economic status of parents and academic achievements of their children
[Niaz Hussain Malik, Saeed Ahmad Khan, Rashid Ahmad Naeem, Kausar Almas & Nighat Bhatty]
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Comparative efficiency of TM-200 and Biovin-40 as growth promotants in broiler chicks
[Nazir Ahmed, Abid Ali Tipu, Ahsan-ul-Haq & Shahid Rasool]
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Effect of food-restriction on macrophage functions in commercial chicken broilers
[Hameed Afzal, Nadeem Iqbal & M. Tauseef Ahmad]
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Animal welfare. I. Types and extent of cruelties commonly inflicted on farm animals
[Bakht B. Khan, M. Anwar, M. Qamar Bilal & Arshad Iqbal]
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Evaluation of short statured mutants of Basmati 370 for enzyme activity
[MA. Awan, M.S. Ahmad & Zain-ul-Abidin]
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Effect of some plant extracts on nematode population and on the growth and yield of maize (Zea Inays L.)
[Fatim Qamar, S.S. Hu.ssai.n Aly Khan N. Seema & Y.Badar]
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Differential growth and sulphur utilisation by corn, sunflower and rapeseed fromumform root medium concentration
[Maqsood A. Gill, G. Nabi, Rahmatullah & M. Salim]
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The estimates of heritability_.arulgeneti.LadvllII~eJor various plant traits in segregating population of Gossypium hirsutum L. I. Yield and related characters .
[Sultan Bahadur, Iftikhar Ahmad Khan & Syed Sadaqat Mehdi]
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Effect of N levels on yield a.!!!lni1rogen content of okra plant (Hibiscus esculentus L.)
[Ch. Muhammad Ayyub, M.N. Malik, Muhammad Younus,Rizwan Rahim & M. Ashfaq]
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In vivo propagation of guava (Psidium guajava L.) through T-grafting ,
[Mir Saleem Khattak, M.N. Malik & MA. Khan]
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Substitution of nitrogen requirement of maize through green manuring
[M. Asghar Malik]
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Genetic analysis of lint percentage, staple length and fibre fineness of upland cotton
[Faqir Muhammad Azhar & Asif Hayat Rana]
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Control of fruit drop in pineapple sweet orange with the use of growth regulatOrs
[A. U. Malik, M.N. Malik, M.l. Chaudhry & M. Ashfaq]
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Apical dominance in single-node rooted cuttings of Rosa cultivars
[Muhammad Aslam Khan]
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Evaluation of some combination insecticides against insect pests complex of cotton cv. NIAB 78
[Sohail Ahmed & Mansoor-ul-Hasan]
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A study into the attitudes of the two age groups of females towards fertility control in rural Sargodha
[M. Anwar-ul-Haq; Farooq Tanvir; M. Zaka Ullah Saleemi,Alia Zainab & Jaffar Hussain]
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Substrate-dependent microbial production of phytohormones: A review
Download PDF:
Population, food and nutrition
[Rashda Azhar & Saif-ur-Rehman]
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A novel way to fertilize fruit trees through stem injection
[Muhammad Yousuf]
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