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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 31
Issue 3
Published In: September 1994
Effect of potassium sorbatc on the stability of kinnow juice concentrate during storage
[M.N. Aslam, J.A. A wan & S.M. Nasar-Abbas]
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Ouality evaluation of some commercially munufact urcd fruit beverages
[A.R. Pasha, M.S. Butt & G. Mohyuddin]
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Effect of poultry litter-based silage on body weight and haematology of sheep
[Farzana Rizvi, A.D. Anjum, S. Qaiser & S. Akhtar]
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Studies on the vector role of ticks in transmission of protozoan diseases in cattle and buffaloes
[M. Nisar Khan, C.S. Hayat, B. Havat & Z. lqbal]
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Effect of varying energy and protein levels on the performance of Japanese quails
[Altaf-ur- Rehman Barque, Haq N awaz,Gulraiz Ahmad &- Muhammadl Yaqoob]
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Factors affecting total milk yield, yield up to peak and persistency of first lactation in Sahiwal cows
[Muhammad Shafiq,M.E.Babar.Abdul Rehman & Gulraiz Ahmad]
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Food of ham owl (Tyto alba) in lower Sindh
[HA. Khan, MA. Beg & A.A. Khan]
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Socioeconomic effect of industrialization on the surrounding rural areas with special 236 reference to agriculture: A case study of Islamahad district
[.Khurshid Ali Quraishi, Buland Akhtar, Ch. Muhammad Aslam, Malik Ikram AIi & Asghar Ali Khan]
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Performance evaluation of imported and locally manufactured alkathcline emitters
[Allah Bakhsh, Qamar-uz-Zaman, M. Asghar Rana, M. Younis & A.N. Awan]
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Investigation into some common factors which affect agricultural research and extension work in developing countries
[Tanvir AIi, Saeed.A. Khan, Niaz H. Malik, Munir Ahmad & lmran Saleem]
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Genetic and phenotypic relationship between birth weight and weaning weight in Teddy goat
[M. Tahir, M. Younis, M.E. Babar, M. Lateef & .S.H.Raza]
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Frequency prediction analysis of l100d data of J hclum river at Rasul by generalized extreme value distribution
[M. Idrees Ahmad, Nadeem Saeed,M. Arshad & M.Z. Johar]
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Evaluation of Kostiakov infiltration equation parameters from irrigation advance in level 2,R Basins
[Abdul Khaliq, Muhammad lqbal & Shajiq Anwar]
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An economical locally fabricated digital human pulse rate monitor
[Abdul Ghaffar & M. Y. Hussain]
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A study into the farmers' awareness about the advantages of forest plantation and their attitudes towards its existence
[Abdur Rahmun Qazi, Syed Sohail Abbas & Kishwar Ijaz]
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Fatty acid and sterol composition of wheat as affected by salinity and the plant growth regulator, Din icrmaZllie
[Nazir Ahmad]
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Effect of potassium on yield and yield components of black gram
[Asghar AU,M. Asghar MaUk, Rehmat AIi Abid, M. Tahir & Humayun Arif]
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Effect of salinity stress 011 the rate of chloride transport eCl-) of four cotton cultivars
[Akhtar Nawaz Khan, R.H. Qureshi, N. Ahmad & A. Rashid]
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Influence of plant population on plant height, grain yield and its components in whca 2H3
[Mehnaz Jabeen, Khurshid Alam, Razia Riaz & M.Aslam Chowdhry]
Download PDF:
Morphogenetic evaluation for leaf characteristics in F3 segregating populations of bread wheat
[Muhammad A slam Chowdhry, M. Amin Shahid,Khurshid Alam & Ihsan Khaliq]
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Economic analysis of irrigated plantations: A case study of Kamalia
[M.I. Anwar, Masood A.A. Quraishi & Manzoor Ahmad]
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Effect of varying levels of pesticide and protein Oil the carcass characteristics of broilers
[M. Mumtaz Javed, Nazir Ahmad Ch, & Haq Nawaz]
Download PDF:
Impact of flat and pit plantation technology on productivity of spring planted sugarcane
[Saleem Mohsan, M. Shafi Nazir, Muhammad Saeed & Asim Nisar Bajwa]
Download PDF:
Effect of temperature and organic matter on fixation of applied potassium in three alluvial soil
[S.M. Mehdi & A.M. Ranjha]
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