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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 31
Issue 4
Published In: December 1994
Haematological picture of teddy goats as affected by atriplex feeding
[Ashiq Ali Gill. M. Riaz, S.H. Hanjra, R.A. Gill and Arshad Iqbal]
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Growth and carcass characteristics of teddy goats affected by atriplex feeding
[M. Riaz. S.H. Hanjra, R.A. Gill and A.A. Gill]
Download PDF:
Study on the chemical composition of breast and thigh muscle tissues in different breeds
[M. ZubairSiddiqi, A.H. Gillani. Ahsan-ul-Haq & M.E. Babar]
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The taxonomic status of the pygmy mice of central Punjab assessed on the basis of some mandibular characteristics.
[Shahzan A. Rana. Samina Mus/a!a, Khalid laved & Sher Muhammad Khan]
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Optimizing irrigation requirements for maximizing yield of moong beans-an experimental study
[Buland Akhtar. Amjed Hussain, Azrajul Haq Ahmad,Muhammad Saleem,Naeem Mahmood. Muhamf1U1dAslam & Khurshid Ali]
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Role of Rurai Women in decision making in various family affairs
[Romeena Nasreen, Abdur Rehman Qazi, Mrs. Kishwar Ijaz & Muhammad Ash!aq]
Download PDF:
Production systems and brucellosis in buffaloes
[R. Ahmad, M. A. Munir & M. La/ee]
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Influence of different levels of protein on growth performance and body composition of major carps
[Shahida Parveen & Ahamd Nadeem Shed]
Download PDF:
Critical evaluation the literacy data in Pakistan
[Mehmood ul Hassan, Farooq Tanveer, Zakauallah Saleemi & M. Anwar-ul-Haq]
Download PDF:
Growth performance of Ca/la catla under different levels of supplementary feeding in fertilized ponds
[Muhammad Akram, Iftikhar Ahmad & lmrana Munir Janjua]
Download PDF:
Echinococcosis in dogs and its treatment with Mebendazole and Epsiprantel
[A. Maqbool, F. Rehman & M.K. Amin]
Download PDF:
Optimal cropping pattern for a command area of Dijkot distributary
[Muhamf1U1dMaqsood & Allah Bakhsh]
Download PDF:
Chemical composition of effluents from different industries of the Faisalabad city
[Abdur Ghafoor, Abdul Rauf, Muhammad Arif & Waseem Muzaffar]
Download PDF:
Development of phosphine fumigation technique for bag cum bulk wheat stored in house type godowns
[M. S. Ahmad, T. Mahmood & H. Ahmad]
Download PDF:
Efficacy of insecticides against Aphid Infection of safflower varities.
[Mahmuda Khanam & Khursheed Samad]
Download PDF:
Water retention characteristics of three soil series (Aridisols)
[A. Razzaq, A. Hassan, M. Abid & A. Hannan]
Download PDF:
Solubility of Phosphorus and Sulphur in two calcareous soils
[Badr-uz-Zaman, Rahmatullah, M. Salim & M. S. Zia]
Download PDF:
Heritable variation for grain yield and some drought related traits in F4 generation of spring wheat (Triticum aestivum 1. em. thell)
[Khurshid Alam, Waheed Anjum Warraich, Muhammad Aslam Chowdhary & lhsan Khaliq]
Download PDF:
Climatic changes and their impact on agricultural production in the loess plateau of China
[Wango Qinxue]
Download PDF:
Paddy yield affected by planting techniques in a salt -affected soil
[M. Aslam, M. Ismat, R.H. Qureshi, S. Nawa: & I.A. Mehmood]
Download PDF:
Field planting of Eucalyptus camaldulensis through root-shoot cuttings
[Abdul Khaliq Chaudhry]
Download PDF:
Economical selection of tubewell components
[Munir Ahmad, Q.A. Awan & Abdul Khaliq]
Download PDF:
Growth of cultured healthy and tobacco mosaic virus infected leaf disks from developmentally different stages of Nicotiana sylvestris
[lqrar A. Khan & Gary E. lanes]
Download PDF:
Genetic study of some quantitative characters in spring wheat (T. aestivum L.)
[Mujeeb Adnan & Manzoor Ahmad Bhutta]
Download PDF:
Estimation of repeatability of birth weight and weaning weight in teddy goat
[Muhammad Tahir, Muhammad founas, Masroor Elahi Babar, Muhammad Lateef & S.H. Raza]
Download PDF:
N-banding karyogramm of "Alcedo" and chromosome band nomenclature
[Muhammad Fareed Khan]
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