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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 34
Issues 1,2,3,4
Published In: December 1997
Evaluation of multiple regression models based on epidemiological factors to predict leaf rust on wheat
[Muhammad Aslam Khan]
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Women autonomy and its influence on reproductive health
[Muhammad Iqbal Zafar, Rukhsana Mesood, M. Zakria & M. Zafar Iqbal]
Download PDF:
Chemical and mixographic properties of different wheat flour mill streams
[Faqir M. Anjum, Masood S. Butt, T. Zahoor, M. Ahmad & A. Ali]
Download PDF:
Temporal variabilities in a community of spiders inhabiting the ground surface of a citrus orchard
[Abida Butt, Mirza Azhar Beg & Mumtaz Akhtar]
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The potential, prospects and problems of agroforestry in Pakistan. I. Research and development
[Mirza B. Baig & John H. Ehrenreich]
Download PDF:
Effect of magnesium on sugarcane in piedmont plain soils of Bangladesh
[S.C. Saha & S.R. Ghosh]
Download PDF:
Effect of spatial arrangement on agronomic traits of two autumn-planted sunflower hybrids
[Riaz Ahmad, M. Shafi Nazir, M. Saeed, Tariq Mahmood & A. Jabbar]
Download PDF:
Impact of NPK rates and N-application techniques on ripening process and development of panicle
[M. Asif, F.M. Chaudhry, M. Saeed & N Akbar]
Download PDF:
Production potential of sugarcane crop in the Punjab province of Pakistan up to the year 2008-09
[Abdul Seboor, Sofia Anwar & Tajammal Hussain]
Download PDF:
Prospects of cotton yarn export from Pakistan up to the year 2010
[Sofia Anwar & Muhammad Siddique Javed]
Download PDF:
Effect of feeding Biofeed on the performance of broiler chicks
[Ahsan ul Heq, A tif Suhail Khan, Shahid Rasool & M. Z. Siddiqui]
Download PDF:
Reproductive motivations and family size preferences among Pakistani women: Discriminant analysis
[Naimatullah Hashmi & Muhammad Iqbal Zafar]
Download PDF:
Determinants of marital fertility in Pakistan
[Naimatullah Hashmi & Muhammad Iqbal Zafar]
Download PDF:
Bio-economic assessment of different wheat-based intercropping systems
[M. Shafi Nazir, Ehsan Elahi, A. Jabber, M. Saeed & Riaz Ahmad]
Download PDF:
Integrated nitrogen management with planting geometry for multicut hybrid sorghum
[M. Shafi Nazir, Hafiz M. Shafiq, M. Saeed & A. Jabbar]
Download PDF:
Response of kernel dimensions of fine rice to different NPK levels and N-application techniques
[Muhammad Asif, F. M. Chaudhry & N Akbar]
Download PDF:
Panicle structure, kernel quality and yield of fine rice as influenced by different NPK levels and per hill seedling density
[M. Asif, F. M. Chaudhry & M. Saeed]
Download PDF:
Estimation of evapotranspiration in the irrigated area of Punjab, Pakistan
[Muhammad Arshad & Muhammad Amjad]
Download PDF:
Fertilizer management studies in wheat grown hydroponically under saline conditions
[M. Asghar Malik & S. H. Shah]
Download PDF:
Role of ixodid ticks in transmission of bacterial diseases in cattle and buffaloes in Pakistan
[M. N. Khan, C. S. Hayat & Z. Iqbal]
Download PDF:
Effect of planting methods and variable rates of nitrogen application on yield and components of yield of rice
[Muhammad Maqsood, Abid Hussain, Syed Aftab Wajid & Nadeem Akbar]
Download PDF:
Pesticide abuse in Pakistan and associated human health and environmental risks
[Zaheer Iqbal, Khurram Zia & Abrar Ahmad]
Download PDF:
Farm area, cultivated area and irrigated area distribution in Pakistan, 1972-90
[Zulfiqar Ahmad Gill & Khalid Mustafa]
Download PDF:
Effect of different levels of NPK and time of N-application on yield and yield components of Basmati-385
[M. Asif, F.M. Chaudhry & M. Saeed]
Download PDF:
Effect of irrigation during various development stages on yield, components of yield and harvest index of different wheat cultivars
[Abid Hussain, Muhammad Maqsood, Ashttiq Ahmad, Aftab Wajid & Zaheer Ahmad]
Download PDF:
Path-coefficient analysis of some quantitative characters in husked barley
[Irfan-ul-Haq Shami, Waqas Manzoor Bhutta & Rizwan Khaliq]
Download PDF:
An assessment of the performance of private sector in supplying farm inputs
[Khalid Mehmood, Muhammad Siddique Javed,Sofia Anwar and Valid Basit.]
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Short Communications
Download PDF:
Descriptive analysis of biographical and professional characteristics of change agents in agriculture: A study in the Punjab, Pakistan
[Tanvir Ali, Niaz H. Malik & Saeed A. Khan]
Download PDF:
Sarcoptic mange in sheep in highland Balochistan
[A. Qudoos, S. Rafique, M.N. Khan, Z. Iqbal & M. Riaz]
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