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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 36
Issues 1,2
Published In: June 1999
Correlation of environmental conditions with bacterial blight disease on six commercially grown cotton cultivars in five districts of the Punjab
[Muhammad Aslam Khan, Hakim Ali Khan, M. Bashir Ilyas & Abdul Rashid]
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Soils, tubewell water quality and wheat yield in different sections of a canal in the wheat-cotton
[Abdul Ghafoor & M. Masood]
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Heterosis and heterobeltiosis studies on Helianthus annuus (Linn)
[A.H. Ansaril, M.A. Naz, S. Asmatullah 'I'aran? & Aziz A. Kakar]
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Mutual allelopathic effects of maize and Trianthema portulacasturm on germination and seedling growth
[Mahmood A. Randhawa, Zahid A. Cheema & M. Saeed]
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Determining the effect of various irrigation depths for maximizing rice production
[Buland Akhtar, Amjad Hussain, Muhammad Saleem & Azraf-ul-Haq Ahmad]
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Effect of nitrogen and potassium fertilization on morphological traits of Zinnia elegans J.
[K.K. Larikl, M.A. Shafkh-, A.A. Kakar- & Munir A~Shaikh]
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Effect of different application methods and nitrogen levels on yield and yield components of
[M. Khalid, M.A. Saifi & F.M. Chaudhry]
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Impact of nitrogen levels and its application methods on yield and kernel quality of fine rice
[Muhammad Khalid & Aman Ullah Chaudhry]
Download PDF:
Impact of nitrogen levels and application methods on ripening process and kernel development in fine rice
[M. Khalid, M.A. Saifi &F .M. Chaudhry]
Download PDF:
Activated carbon from the pericarp of peanut
[Tahmina Yasmin, Masood A. Rashid & Tayyaba Saeed!]
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Agro-Chemical ~ed management in wheat
[Abdul Jabbar, Muhammad Saeed & Abdul Ghaffar]
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Heterosis, inbreeding depression and combining ability in Triticum aestivum L.
[A.S. Larik,A.R. Mahar, A.A. Kakar" & M.A.]
Download PDF:
Response of kernel dimensions of fine rice to different levels and methods of nitrogen application
[Muhammad Khalid & Aman UIlah Chaudhry]
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Agriculture: starving as a consequence of shrinking formal credit
[Zulfiqar Ahmad Gill & Khalid Mustafa]
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Agro.physiological response of soybean to spatial arrangement and irrigation regimes
[A.A. Kakar-, A.H. Ansaris. S.M. Qayyum3, S.N. Marri2 & M.A. Shaikh»]
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An evaluation of educational facilities in rural secondary schools for boys
[M. Rafiq, Mrs. Rakhshanda Akhtar, M. Ashfaq & M. Anwar]
Download PDF:
Agro-Qualitative response of vigna radiata to blend application of phosphorus and potassium
[Muhammad Aslam, Abdul Ghaffar & M. Arif Saifi]
Download PDF:
Infi4uence of fertilizer and water stress on leaf area of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)
[Akbar Ali Meo]
Download PDF:
Effect of soaking, heating and autoclaving on tannin and protein contents of chickpea
[Samia Anbreen, Nabeela Iqbal, Nighat Bhatty & Muhammad Musaddique]
Download PDF:
Influence of noils upon cotton yarn quality
[Nisar Ahmed Jamil & Nasir Mahmood]
Download PDF:
Effect of different combinations of stabilizersiemulsifiers on the quality of ice cream
[M.S. Butt, IjazAhmad, Sajid Mahmood & Naureen Shahzadi]
Download PDF:
Assessment of two potassium sources in a Rice-Wheat cropping system
[Abdul Ghaffar, Atta Muhammad Ranjah: & Abdul Jabbar]
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