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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 37
Issues 1,2
Published In: June 2000
Screening of wheat Ttriticum aestivum L.) genotypes against salinity in solution culture
[Mtab Naseem, R. H. Qureshi, J. Akhtar & M. A. Masood]
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Estimates of heritabilities and pattern of association among different characters of Gossypium hirsutum L.
[Azeem Iqbal Khan & Faqir Muhammad Azhar]
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Repellent and feeding deterrent effects of some indigenous plants against red flour beetle,Tribolium casteneum (Herbst) (Coleoptera: Tenebrionldae)
[A.T.M.F. Islam, S. Akther, S. Islam &•R. Huque]
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A study of rural welfare indicators in various crop ecological zones of the Punjab
[Bashir Abmad, Muhammad Rafiq, M. Aslam Chaudhry' & Jack A. Sinden]
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Effect of different cooking procedures on in vitro amylolytic activity, inherently present amylase and amylase inhibitors in black gram
[Amer Jamil, K.M. Khan, Hamid Yaqoob & M.B. Sial]
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Hydatidosis: Prevalence and biometrical studies in cattle (Bob indicub)
[A.H. Anwar, Shamim H. Rana\ M.N. Khan & A. Qudoos]
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Two new mite species (Hypopi) of the genus Histiostoma on (Acari:Histiostomatidae) from Pakistan
[Muhammad Asbfaq', Muhammad Sarwar2 & Amjad AW]
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Effect of varying floor space on productive performance of Japanese quail breeders maintained under litter floor and cage housing systems
[M. Akram, '!.'assawar Hussain Shah & M. Imran Khan]
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Organoleptic quality of fish meat as influenced by poultry droppings fertilization of ponds
[Muhammad Hassan' & M. -Javed]
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Studies on muscle protein profile of fish reared in poultry droppings fertilized ponds
[Muhammad Hassan' & M. Javed]
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Development and evaluation of a composite improver for bread producrrion
[Faqir M. Anjum, Ijaz Abmad, M.S. Butt & Muhammad A. Rafique.]
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A sociological investigation of murders in the Punjab (Pakistan) province
[Arshad Hussain Hashmi', Sarfraz Hassan', Ishtiaq Hassan" & Muhammad Akram]
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Planting pattern and irrigation level effects on growth, yield components and seed yield of soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.)
[A.H. Ansart', A.A. Kakar", A. Bari 'I'areen", A.R. Barecht" & G.M. Kakar]
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Expression. of hybrid vigour and dominance in intervarietal crosses of cotton
[A.S. Lartk', B.A. Shabrarri', A.R. Baretch", G.M. Kakar2 & A.A. Kakar"]
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Studies on interactive relationship of irrigation frequencies and fertilizer levels in mung (nm•54) under thal conditions
[Muham~ad Jamil, Abdus Sattar & Abdul Latif Malghani]
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Available phosphorus and ph status of attock soils
[Obaid-ur-Rehman\ AA. Sheikh" & K.H. G~1l2]
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Efficacy of Fluazifop.Butyl (Fusilade 25 EC) and Fenoxaprop. P.ethyl (Puma•s 69 EW) for weed control in mungbean
[Muhammad Naeem, Saeed Ahmad1 & Hakoomat Ali]
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Response of mungbean (Vigna radiata L.) genotypes to rhizobia culture
[Asghar Ali, M. Adil Choudhry & Asif Tanveer]
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Effect of different planting methods and nitrogen levels on growthand yield of rice (Basmati•385)
[Muhammad Jamil & Abid Hussain]
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Thermal hydrolytic studies of poplar (Populus nigrcr) for the production of furfural and active carbon
[Misbah Salam', Zill-i-Huma Nazfi", Fiyyaz Ahmad Chughtail & Shomila Yourris']
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Impact of variable drought stress and nitrogen levels on plant height, root length and grain numbers per plant in a sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) variety
[Shmas Akbar Ali Meo]
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Pathology of cestode infection in indigenous and exotic layers
[A.H. Anwar, Shamim H. Ranal, A.H. Shah, M. N. Khan & M. Z. Akhtar]
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A study on the effectiveness of agriculture programme "Sandal Dharti" of radio Faisalabad in rural areas of Faisalabad
[Abdul Majeed Khan! & Muhammad Shabbir]
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