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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 38
Issues 1,2
Published In: June 2001
Systematics of two closely related species of the genus (Thrips T. florum and T. hawaiiensis)
[Waseem Akram, Muhammad Yousuf & Anjum Suhail]
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Yield and quality of two sesame varieties as affected by different rates of nitrogen and phosphorus
[Ashfaq Ahmad, Abid Hussain, Mahboob Akhtar, Ehsanullah & Muhammad MUsaddique]
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Movement and retention ,of lead and chromium in soil applied with irrigation water
[A.Ghafoor, S. Ahmad, M. Qadir, G. Murtaza & Iqrar Hussain]
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Genotypic response of sesame to nitrogen and phosphorus application
[Ashfaq Ahrnad, Mahboob Akhtar, Abid Hussain, Ehsanullah & M. Musaddique]
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Comparative growth performance of camel calves kept under farm/farmer's conditions
[A. Iqbal, B.B. Khan, M. Younas, R.A. Gill & IA.W. Jasra]
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Restricted maximum likelihood animal model estimates of heritability for various growth traits and body measurements of swamp buffaloes
[K. Thevamanoharan, W. Vandepitte, G. Mohiuddin- and C. Chantalakhana]
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The comparative efficacy of some insecticidal spray schedules against the sucking pest-insects on fs-628 cotton
[Muhammad Afzal, Zulfiqar Ahmad &Tasneem Ahmad]
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Variation in responses of sorghum bicolor (l.) moench accessions to the effect of naci + csci, and naci salinity
[F. M. Azhar & T. McNeillyl]
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Effect of different sowing dates and various doses of fertilizers on juvenility and productivity of okra
[Muhammad Amjad, Muhammad Akbar Anjum' & Sajid Hussain]
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Heritability of birth weight in bhagnari and its crosses with droughtmaster in pakistan
[Muhammad Sajjad Khan & Musarrat Abbas Khan]
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Metal ravi •from toxicity of water shahdera to stretch of river headworks in a baloki
[Muhammad Javed & G. Mahmood]
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Effect of insecticide resistance Musca domestica. L.on the of strains biology
[Sohail Ahmed & 'R M. Wilkins]
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Effect of different levels of nitrogen and Intra-row plant spacing on yield and yield components of maize
[M. Tahir Mahmood, M. Maqsood, Tahir Hussain Awan & Rashid Sarwar]
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Studies on hybrid and synthetic cultivars of maize for forage yield and quality
[Tahir Hussain Awan*, M. Tahir Mahmood, M. Maqsood, M. Usman & M. Iftikhar Hussain]
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Effect of distribution ph inand soils ph, cecelectrolytes on charge and relationship betweenand sar
[Ghulam Murtaza, Abdul Ghafoor & Manzoor Qadir]
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Preparation and biological evaluation of 'whole soymilk
[K. Almas', S.N.Saeed1 & A.S. Hashmi]
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Blood glucose responses:~ro three indigenous Pakistani vegetables viz red gourd, white gourdand round cucumber in normal and diabetic human subjects
[Muhammad Shoaib Akhtar', Kausar Almas" & Rehana Akhtar]
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Involvement of rural females in decision making: A case study in Faisalabad district
[Saif-ur-Rehman, IfIat Batool and Gulgoona Younis]
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Effect of shade on growth performance of four tree species: Nursery stage
[Abdul Khaliq Chaudhry]
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Effect of water stress on the growth, yield and oil content of sunflower
[Aziz Ahmad Kakar & A.G. Soomro]
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Effect of different herbicides on weed population and yield of maize (Zea' mays L.)
[Amanullah Salarzai]
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Factors affecting the adoption of recommended sugarcane technologies by farmers
[Sher Muhammad, Chris Garforth, Niaz Hussain Malik]
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Effect of different levels of phosphorus on agronomic traits of two mashbean genotypes (Vigna mungo L.)
[M. Maqsood, Mahmood-ul-Hassan, M. Iftikhar Hussain & M.Tahir Mahmood]
Download PDF:
Rice Basmati-385 response to single and split application of nitrogen at different growth stages
[Ehsanullah*, Attaullah*, M. Sarwar Cheema** & Muharnmad Usman*]
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Irrigation of crops with sewage effluent: implications and movement of lead and chromium as affected by soil texture,' lime, gypsum and organic matter
[Syed Iqrar Hussain & Abdul Ghafoor]
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