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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 39
Issue 1
Published In: January 2002
Comparative efficacy of different techniques to study the effect of hypoxia and salinity in wheat
[Javed Khalid, R.H.Qureshi, M.Aslam, J. Akhtar and M. Abid]
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Aaccumulation and role of some organic and inorganic osmotica under salinity in pearl millet
[Intshar-ul-Haq Javed, Abdul Wahid, M, Irfan Anwar &Ejaz Rasul]
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Comparative studies of some exotic potato cultivars
[M.A. Pervez, F.M. Tahir, M.A. Tariq & R. Jawad]
Download PDF:
Performance of nine pea cultivars under Faisalabad conditions
[Muhammad Amjad & Muhammad Akbar Anjum I]
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Eeffect of socio-economic aspects of mango growers on the adoption of recommended horticultural practices
[Muhammad Zakaria Yousuf Has san I, Badar Naseem Siddiqui ' & Muhammad Nadeem Irshad]
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Influence of sowing date and irrigation levels on growth and grain yield of wheat
[Aftab Wajid, Abid Hussain, M. Maqsood, Ashfaq Ahmad & M. Awais]
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Effect of nitrogen management on agro-economic efficiency of different wheat-based intercropping systems
[Riaz Ahmad, Muharnmad Ejaz, Ehsan Ullah & M. Ather Nadeem]
Download PDF:
Biological response of Direct-Seeded coarse rice to seeding density and planting time
[Muhammad Aslam, Shamshad Hussain Shah & M. Shafi Nazir]
Download PDF:
Isolation and characterization of rhizobial strains from alfalfa (Medicago SP.)
[Mumtaz Hussain, M. Ashraf, M. Saleem, & F. Y. Hafeez]
Download PDF:
Interspecific competition between wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and gram (Cicer arietinum L.) under Bio-Power application
[Mumtaz Hussain, Muzammil Saleem & M. Ishaque 1]
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Description of two new species (hypopi) of genus acotyledon oudemans (Acarina:acaridae) from Pakistan
[Muhammad Ashfaq & Falk Sher]
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Studies on the relative susceptibility of wheat varieties to Sitotroga cerealella (Oliv.)
[Sohail Ahmed, Mansoor-ul-Hasan and Saleem Hussain]
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Animal model heritability estimates for various production and reproduction traits of Nili-Ravi buffaloes
[K. Thevamanoharanl, W.Vandepittel , G. Mohiuddin'', K. Javed]
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Prediction of dry matter digestibility of maize (Zea mays) fodder from chemical composition
[Rafia Firdous I and Abrar H. Gilani]
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A study on yarn elongation and yarn hairiness for different" delivery speeds and other mechanical processing variables at draw frame for 208
[Shahid Saleem Shad & Nasir Siddique]
Download PDF:
Control of lap and card sliver evenness and card web Neps/with mechanical variables at scutcher
[Nasir Mahmood & Zahid Maqsood]
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