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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 40
Issues 3,4
Published In: December 2003
Performance of cotton varieties in saline sodic soil amended with sulphuric acid and gypsum
[M. Sadiq, G. Hassan, A.G. Khan, N. Hussain, M. Jamil, M.R. Goundal and M. Sarfraz]
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Nutritional role of calcium on the growth of Brassica napus under saline conditions
[A. Ali, M. Salim, I. Ahmad, I.A. Mahmood, Badr-uz-Zaman and A. Sultana]
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Response of wheat and oat crops to potassium application and artificial irrigation with canal water
[Mukkram A. Tahir, Rahmatullah, Maqsood A. Gill, Tariq Aziz and M. Imran]
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Differences among rice cultivars in potassium uptake and its utilization
[Muhammad Sabir, M.A. Gill, Rahmatullah, Tariq Aziz and M. Aamer Maqsood]
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Effect of mulch, irrigation and soil type on biomass and water use efficiency of forage maize
[Muhammad Anjum Iqbal, Anwar-ul-Hassan and Abid Hussain]
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t-arnlnocyclopropane-t-carboxylate (ACC) enrichment: an effective approach to screen plant growth-promoting
[B. Shaharoona, M. Arshad, Z.A~Zahir and M. Hashir Mahmood]
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Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus application on growth yield and quality of mungbean
[M. Asghar Malik, M. Farrukh Saleem, Asghar Ali and Ijaz Mahmood]
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Effect of different irrigation and nitrogen levels on the seed and oil yield of canola (Brassica napus L.)
[Asghar Ali, M. Kashif Munir, M. Asghar Malik and M. Farrukh Saleem]
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Effect of different levels of nitrogen and seed rates on growth, yield and quality of maize fodder
[M. Ayub, R. Ahmad, M.A. Nadeem, B. Ahmad and R.M.A. Khan]
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nfluence of various nitrogen levels on growth and biomass of Jasminum sambac
[M. Qasim, Iftikhar Ahmad and Azhar Nadeem]
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Mango in Pakistan: A chronological review
[Muhammad Usman, B. Fatima, M. Mumtaz Khan and M.lbrahim Chaudhry]
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In vitro propagation of "hybrid tea" roses
[M. Javed Iqbal, M. Mumtaz Khan, B. Fatima, M. Asif and M. Abbas]
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Studies on jaman (Syzygium cuminii I. Skeels) seed storage behaviour
[Mazhar Abbas, M. Mumtaz Khan, M. Javed Iqbal and B. Fatima]
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Effect of scattered trees of Dalbergia sissoo and Acacia nilotica on the growth and yield of cotton crop
[Waqar Ahmed, Raja Muhammad Omer, G.M. Chaudhary, Ashaer Farooq and C.M. FaisaL]
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Performance of four leguminous tree species on planting with eucalyptus camaldulensis
[Chaudhry Abdul Rashid, Raja Muhammad Omer, Waqar Ahmed, Chaudhry Muhammad Faisal and Zahid]
Download PDF:
Genetic variability and inheritance of grain yield and its components in wheat
[Ali Firouzian, Abdus Salam Khan and ZUlfiqar Ali]
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Micronutrients in various mill streams of flour of different wheat cultivars
[Faqir M. Anjum, Abrar Ahmad, Imran Pasha and M.S. Butt]
Download PDF:
Effect of non-hypersensitive resistant wheat genotypes on early abortion and colony size of leaf rust
[Maqsood Qamar, Rient, E. Niks, Doulat Baig and Muhammad Yousut.]
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Production of pectinase by Trichoderma harzianum in solid state fermentation of citrus peels
[Nazia Ghulam Nabi, M. Asghar, A.H. Shah, M.A. Sheikh and M.J. Asad]
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Farmers' information sources, their awareness and adoption of recommended sugarcane production
[Mazher Abbas, Sher Muhammad, Iftikhar Nabi and Muhammad Kashif..]
Download PDF:
Variability in field experiments in maize crop in Pakistan
[M. Asif Masood and Malik Anver Javed]
Download PDF:
Farmers perception about social impact and constraints in wastewater irrigation
[Asma Zafar and Saira Akhtar]
Download PDF:
Heritability estimates of birth and weaning weight in Lohl sheep
[M.E. Babar, Z. Ahmad and A. Hussain]
Download PDF:
Growth and yield response of pea (Pisum sativum I.) crop to phosphorus and potassium application
[Nadeem Akhtar, Muhammad Amjad and Muhammad Akbar Anjum]
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