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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 43
Issues 1,2
Published In: June 2006
Causes, origin, genesis and extent of soil salinity in the Sultanate of Oman
[Nazir Hussain, Salim Ali AI-Rawahy, Jamaan Rabee and Mohsin AI-Amri]
Download PDF:
Contribution of shallow water table to salinity/sodicity development under fallow and
[M Ashraf, Rahmatullah, T. Maqsood and M.A. Tahir]
Download PDF:
Effect of mulch, irrigation and soil type on nutrient uptake of forage maize
[Muhammad Anjum Iqbal, Anwar-ul-Hassan and Tahir Aziz]
Download PDF:
Effect of phosphorus fertilizer application on fodder and grain yield of vetch under
[Zulfiqar Ali Gurmani, Maqsood Qamar, Safdar Shafeeq and M Shafiq Zahid]
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Effect of different irrigation levels on the yield and radiation use efficiency of cotton
[Muhammad Maqsood, Tariq Hussain, M Tayyab and M Ibrahim]
Download PDF:
Competitive performance of associated forage crops grown in different forage sorghum-legume
[Azraf-ul-Haq Ahmad, Riaz Ahmad, Naeem Mahmood and MS. Nazir]
Download PDF:
Studies on variability and some genetic parameters in spring wheat
[Nazar Muhammad Cheema, Muhammad Ashraf Mian, Muhammad Ihsan, Ghulam Rabbani]
Download PDF:
Influence of exogenously applied glycinebetaine on growth and gas exchange characteristics
[Asma Maqsood, Muhammad Shahbaz and Nudrat Aisha Akram]
Download PDF:
Early age propagation of three commercial citrus species through microbudding technique
[Naeem Alam, Farrukh Naveed, M Mumtaz Khan, M Abbas and Saeed Ahmad]
Download PDF:
Response of potato to nitrogen application methodologies
[C.M Ayyub, Muhammad Amjad, Waqar Ahmed, Khurram Ziaf and MI. Khan]
Download PDF:
Some biological, serological and physical properties of tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) from the
[S.M Mughal, TalaI. S. Zidgali and A.R. Matrooshi]
Download PDF:
Insecticidal activity of different doses of Acorus calamus oil against Trogoderma granarium (Everts)
[Mansoor-ul-Hasan, Muhammad Sagheer, Ehsan Ullah, Farooq Ahmad and Waqas Wakil]
Download PDF:
Effects of different predator-prey stocking ratios (Channa marulius : Oreochromis mossambicus)
[Muhammad Asif Riaz and Iftikhar Ahmed]
Download PDF:
Seasonal demographic variation in Bandicoot rats, Bandicota bengalensis (Gray) in irrigated crops
[Shahnaz Akhtar Rana, Naureen Rana, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal and Farhan Shahbaz]
Download PDF:
Demographic dimensions of rural poverty in Pakistan
[Abdul Saboor, Farooq Tenwir, Ikram Ali and Ashfaq Ahmad Maan]
Download PDF:
Effect of socio-economic aspects on the awareness and adoption of recommended
[Badar Naseem Siddiqui, Sher Muhammad and Niaz Hussain Malik]
Download PDF:
Tracing the snapshot of working women: A behavioural analysis of their family members
[Ashfaq Maan, Farooq Tanwir, Abdul Saboor, Kanwal Asghar and Ikram Ali]
Download PDF:
Factors influencing customer's preference for purchase of vegetable ghee: A comparison of
[Waseem Ahmad, Khalid Mustafa and Tan vir Ahmad]
Download PDF:
Socio economic milieu of small farmers in Sargodha district
[Farooq Tanwir, Abdul Saboor, Ashfaq Ahmad Maan, Ikram Ali, Tariq Mahmood and S. Muhammad]
Download PDF:
Inbreeding effects on post-weaning growth traits of Thalli sheep in Pakistan
[A. Hussain, P. Akhtar, S. Ali, M. Younas and K. Javed]
Download PDF:
Evaluation of spray uniformity distribution by environment friendly university boom sprayer
[Muhammad Iqbal, Kh. Altaf Hussain, M. Iqbal, Anjum Munir and M. Younis]
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