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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 44
Issue 1
Published In: January 2007
Combining ability analysis in wheat
[Muhammad Arif Khan, Nadeem Ahmad, Muhammad Akbar, Aziz-ur-Rehman and]
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Genetic evaluation of some yield and yield related traits in wheat
[Rafiq-ur-Rehman Gurmani, Shah Jahn Khan, z.A. Saqib, Rahimdin Khan, Amir Shakeel and Mohib Ullah]
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1Pmormance of sunflower in response to nitrogen management at different stages
[fov1uhammadAzhar Munir, Muhammad Asghar Malik and Muhammad Yaseen]
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Pre-sowing salicylicate seed treatments improve the germination and early seedling growth
[M. Farooq, S.M.A. Basra, H. Rehman, M. Hussain and Y. Amanat]
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Relationship of heat units accumulation and fatty acid composition in sunflower
[Ghulam Qadir, Mumtaz Akhtar Cheema, Fayyaz-ul-Hassan, Muhammad Ashraf and]
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Priming with ethanol, ascorbate and salicylicate enhances the germination and early seedling
[M. Farooq, S.M.A. Basra, M. Tauseef, H. Rehman and H. Munir]
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Improving germination and seedling vigour in wheat by halopriming under saline conditions
[Irian Afzal, S.M.A. Basra, Toheed Elahi Lodhi and Shahid Javed Butt]
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Counteraction of salinity stress on wheat plants by pre-sowing seed treatments
[, Irian Afzal, Shahzad Maqsood Ahmad Basra, Nazir Ahmad and Toheed Elahi Lodhi]
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Production of endoglucanase from a thermophilic fungus
[Saima Naim and Amer Jamil]
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Nitrogen nutrition and water stress effects on growth, yield and water use efficiency of
[Ejaz Ahmad Waraich, R. Ahmad, Saifullah and M. Sabir]
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E~ect of source and method of nitrogen fertilizer application on seed yield and quality of
[Noor Muhammad, Mumtaz A. Cheema, Muhammad Ashfaq Wahid, Noor Ahmad and Muhammad Zaman]
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Comparative growth and leaf ionic composition of four cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) genotypes
[Shahid Pervaiz, M. Saqib, Javaid Akhtar, M. Atif Riaz, M. Anwar-ul-Haq and M. Nasim]
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Differential salt tolerance of sugarcane genotypes
[M. Ashraf, Rahmatullah, S. Kanwal, M. A. Tahir A. Sarwar and L. Ali]
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Tillage and mulch effects on profile moisture dynamics, fallow efficiency and rainfed
[Shahzada Sohailljaz and Safdar Ali]
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Model based phosphorus fertilizer requirement of berseem (Trifolium alexandrinum L.)
[Muhammad Waqas, A.M. Ranjha, Rahmatullah, A. Hannan and M. Rashid]
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. Determining internal and external p requirement of wheat on calcareous soils by adsoption isotherms
[Amjad Hussain, Ghulam Murtaza and Abdul Ghafoor]
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Determining model based phosphorous fertilizer requirement for canola crop
[Ahmad Bi/al, AM. Ranjha, Rahmatullah and M. Rashid]
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Effect of residual phosphorus on the yield and quality of sorghum fodder in three different
[M. Rashid, AM. Ranjha, M. Waqas A Hannan and A Bi/]
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Calcium-boron interaction in radish plants grown in sand culture
[M. Tariq and G.J.B. Mott]
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Yield response of rice to dynamic use of potassium in traditional rice growing area of Punjab
[Tahir Hussain Awan, Zaheen Manzoor, M. Ehsan Safdar and Mushtaq Ahmad]
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Growth and yield of wheat as affected by compost enriched with chemical fertilizer, L-tryptophan and
[M. Javed Akhtar, H.N. Asghar, M. Asif and Z.A Zahir]
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Collection of new species of the subgenus Phytoseius (Phytoseius) Ribaga from coastal and
[M. Afzal and M. Hamid Bashir]
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Studies of multi mirror reflector and distress sound player (auto-reverse) as bird pest repellants
[Shahid Hafeez, Zahoor Hussain Khan, Rashid Ahmad Khan, Ihsan Qader and M. Ahsan Khan]
Download PDF:
Comparative efficacy of some trap for controlling porcupines, wild boars and other vertebrate pests
[Shahid Hafeez, Zahoor Hussain Khan, Rashid Ahmad Khan, Ihsan Qadir and Fahad Rashid]
Download PDF:
Marketing and economic analysis of university boom sprayer
[. Muhammad Iqbal, Kh. Altaf Hussain, Manzoor Ahmad and M. Iqbal]
Download PDF:
Optimal design of a subsurface pipe drainage system
[Muhammad Iqbal, Inamullah, Matloob Ahmad and Manzoor Ahmad]
Download PDF:
Wheat response to tillage and irrigation
[.Muhammad Iqbal, Mat/oob Ahmad, Manzoor Ahmad, M. Iqbal and Muhammad Ali]
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1Comparative study of crosrol card MK5D versus modified card MK6 for ultimate effect
[~, Nisar Ahmed Jamil, Nasir Mahmood and M. Imran ul Haq]
Download PDF:
Quality of flat bread (Naan) from Pakistani wheat varieties
[Ghulam Mueen-ud-Din, Salim-ur-Rehman, Faqir Muhammad Anjum and Haq Nawaz]
Download PDF:
Impact of mastitis severity on mineral contents of buffalo milk
[Tanveer Ahmad, M.o. Bi/al S. Uallah, Zia-ur-Rahman and G. Muhammad]
Download PDF:
Economics of vegetable production by farm location
[Sultan Ali Adil, Muhammad Waqas Alam Chattha, Sarfraz Hassan and Asif Maqbool]
Download PDF:
1Profitability analysis of summer vegetables by farm size
[Sultan Ali Adi/, Muhammad Waqas Alam Chattha, Khuda Bakhsh and Sarfraz Hassan]
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