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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 44
Issue 2
Published In: March 2007
Evaluation of direct-seeded upland rice-based intercropping systems under strip planting geometry
[Riaz Ahmad, Abdul Jabbar, Azraf-ul-Haq Ahmad, Ehsanullah and Iftikhar Hussain Bhatti]
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Simulation modeling of growth, development and grain yield of wheat under semi arid conditions
[Aftab Wajid, Khalid Hussain, M. Maqsood, Tasneem Khaliq and Abdul Ghaffar]
Download PDF:
Planting time effect on grain and quality characteristics of wheat
[M. Abdullah, Aziz-ur-Rehman, Nadeem Ahmad and Ijaz Rasul]
Download PDF:
Production potential and quality of mixed sorghum forage under different intercropping systems
[Azraf-ul-Haq Ahmad, Riaz Ahmad and Naeem Mahmood]
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Response of growth, yield and quality of different cotton cultivars to sowing dates
[Muhammad Arshad, Aftab Wajid, Khalid Hussain, M. Maqsood, M. Aslam, and M. Ibrahim]
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Correlation and path coefficients studies of some morphophysiological traits in maize double crosses
[M. Shabbir Shakoor, Muhammad Akbar and Amer Hussain]
Download PDF:
Yield response of maize hybrids to varying nitrogen rates
[Aftab Wajid, Abdul Ghaffar, M. Maqsood, Khalid Hussain and Wajid Nasim]
Download PDF:
Model based P fertilization to improve yield and quality of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.)
[Muhammad Rashid, Atta Muhammad Ranjha and Abdur Rehim]
Download PDF:
Effect of glucose and acetic acid on Ni, Pb and Zn transformations in contaminated soil
[M.A. Aziz, A. Ghafoor, Saifullah, H.R. Ahmad and M. Sabir]
Download PDF:
Presowing seed treatments with glycinebetaine and mineral nutrients of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
[Nosheen Akhter, Nudrat Aisha Akram and Muhammad Shahbaz]
Download PDF:
Potassium adsorption characteristics of four different textured alkaline calcareous soils
[Abdul Hannan, A.M. Ranjha, Rahmatullah, M. Waqas and Abid Niaz]
Download PDF:
Response of Medicago sativa to inoculation with vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae (VAM)
[Irshad Ahmad Khan, Najma Ayub, Sarwat N. Mirza and S. Moazzam Nizami]
Download PDF:
Amelioration of toxic effects of lead (Pb) and chromium (Cr) in four black gram (Vigna mungo L.)
[Mumtaz Hussain, Ghulam Yasin, Asghar Ali and Rashid Ahmed]
Download PDF:
Physiology of erwinias associated with black leg of potato
[Shahbaz Talib Sahi, M.U. Ghazanfar and M.N. Tahir]
Download PDF:
Mortality rates of five commercial insecticides on Chrysoperla carnea (Stephens) (Chrysopidae: Neuroptera
[Abida Nasreen, Muhammad Ashfaq and Ghulam Mustafa]
Download PDF:
Effect of androgen on sex reversal and growth of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)
[Abdul Mateen and Iftikhar Ahmed]
Download PDF:
Some studies on the integration of chemical control with biological control for cotton
[Mansoor-ul-Hasan, Ehsan Ullah, Muhammad Sagheer, and Ghulam Ghouse]
Download PDF:
Foraging rhythms of house crow (Corvus splendens) for 30 and 60-minute durations on some crops
[H.A. Khan, G. Jabeen and N. Anwar]
Download PDF:
Effect of exogenous growth regulators application on June fruit drop and fruit quality in
[Basharat Ali Saleem, Aman Ullah Malik and Muhammad Farooq]
Download PDF:
Assessment of biodiversity based on morphological characteristics among wild rose genotypes
[Atif Riaz, Adnan Younis, Mansoor Hameed, Muhammad Aslam Khan, Rashid Ahmed and Atiq Raza]
Download PDF:
Influence of substrate pasteurization methods on the yield of oyster mushroom (Pleurotus species)
[Muhammad Asif Ali, M. Imran Mehmood, Rab Nawaz, M. Asif Hanif and Rashid Wasim]
Download PDF:
Hot water treatment affects ripening quality and storage life of mango (Mangifera indica L.)
[Raheel Anwar and Aman Ullah Malik]
Download PDF:
In vitro shoot regeneration from cotyledon and hypocotyl explants of dahlia cultivars
[B. Fatima, Muhammad Usman, T. Ashraf, R. Waseem and M.A. Ali]
Download PDF:
Correlation between the sizes of polypropylene bags and the yield of Pleurotus ostreatus
[Shahla Rashid, Muhammad Asif Ali, M. Imran Mehmood, M. Asif Hanif and Rashid Waseem]
Download PDF:
Effect of spacing and plant density on the growth of poplar (Populus deltoides) trees under
[G.S. Khan and Abdul Khaliq Chaudhry]
Download PDF:
Sprouting percentage and growth behaviour of Morus alba as affected by size of cuttings and
[Ghulam Sarwar Khan, Irfan Ahmad and Muhammad Farrakh Nawaz]
Download PDF:
Mineral composition of different rice varieties and their milling fractions
[F.M. Anjum, Imran Pasha*, M. Anwar Bugti and M.S. Butt]
Download PDF:
Chemical and sensory characteristics of frozen stored chicken patties fried in different vegetable oils
[Shinawar Waseem Ali and Ghulam Rasool]
Download PDF:
Barriers in efficient crop management in rice-wheat cropping system of Punjab
[A.D. Sheikh and Azhar Abbas]
Download PDF:
An analysis of technical efficiency of growing bitter gourd in Pakistani Punjab
[Khuda Bakhsh, Bashir Ahmad, Sarfraz Hassan, Zulfiqar Ahmad Gill]
Download PDF:
Government intervation and market integration in prominent wheat markets of Pakistan
[Khalid Mushtaq, Faisal Abbas and Abedullah]
Download PDF:
Impact of credit disbursed by commercial banks on the productivity of sugarcane in Faisalabad district
[Muhammad Khalid Bashir, Zulfiqar Ahmad Gill, Sarfraz Hassan, Sultan Ali Adil and Khuda Bakhsh]
Download PDF:
Testing the law of one price: cotton market integration in Pakistan’s Punjab
[Khalid Mushtaq, Faisal Abbas and Abedullah]
Download PDF:
Price and non-price factors affecting acreage response of wheat in different agro-ecological zones in
[Shafique Mohammad, Muhammad Siddique Javed, Bashir Ahmad and Khalid Mushtaq]
Download PDF:
Role of print media in the dissemination of agricultural information among farmers
[Shahid Farooq, Sher Muhammad, Khalid M. Chauhdary and Ijaz Ashraf]
Download PDF:
An assessment of technical competencies (agronomic practices) needed by agricultural officers
[Muhammad Ather Javed Khan, Toheed Elahi Lodhi, Ijaz Ashraf and Ghazanfar Ali Khan]
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