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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 45
Issue 4
Published In: December 2008
Production potential of three maize hybrids as influenced by varying plant density
[M. Ahmad alias Haji A. Bukhsh, Riaz Ahmad, Zahid A. Cheema and Abdul Ghafoor]
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Intensity of panicle malformation in mango (Mangifera indica L.) varieties
[Ishfaq A. Hafiz, Saeed Ahmad, Nadeem A. Abbasi, R. Anwar, Z.A. Chatha and A.G. Grewal]
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Some studies on the morphology of Kinnow mandarin and Feutrell’s early
[M.M. Khan, S. Mumtaz, S. Ahmad, M. Abbas and I.A. Khan]
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Comparison of parachute, line and traditional rice transplanting methods at farmer’s field
[Tahir Hussain Awan, Inayat Ali, M. Ehsan Safdar, Mushtaq Ahmad and M. Saleem Akhtar]
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Comparative response of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotypes to brackish water at seedling stage
[M.R. Farooq, M.A. Haq, J. Akhtar, M.A. Randhawa and T. Maqsood]
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Selection criteria for the improvement of seed yield and its components in advanced
[Samra Ashraf, M. Hanif, Siddique Sadiq, Ghulam Abbas, M. Jawad Asghar and M. Ahsanul Haq]
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Screening of okra genotypes against jassid, Amrasca biguttula biguttula (Ishida)
[Jamshaid Iqbal, Mansoor ul Hasan, Muhammad Ashfaq, Shahbaz Talib Sahi and Amjad Ali]
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On the identity of two new species of the genus Coleoscirus (Acari: Cunaxidae) with annotations
[Muhammad Hamid Bashir, Muhammad Afzal, Muhammad Ashfaq and Bilal Saeed Khan]
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Extracting silica from rice husk treated with potassium permanganate
[Syed H. Javed, Shahid Naveed, Nadeem Feroze and Mohsin Kazmi]
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Impact of fat levels in milk on the composition, sensory attributes and functionality of buffalo
[A. Sameen, F.M. Anjum, N. Huma, R. Kousar and H. Nawaz]
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Studies on preparation of ready to serve mandarin (Citrus reticulata) diet drink
[Mubeen Ahmed, Asif Ahmad, Zia Ahmad Chatha and Syed Muhammad Raihan Dilshad]
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Poverty dynamics in rural Pakistan: Divisional level diagnosis
[Ikram Ali, Abdul Saboor, Sarfraz Ahmad, Farooq Tanwir, Mustafa and Ashfaq Ahmad Maan]
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Elderly migrants adjustment problems in the big cities of Pakistan
[Muhammad Farooq, Syed Suhail Abbas Shamsi and Izhar Ahmad Khan]
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Poverty alleviation through migration in Pakistan
[Muhammad Farooq, Zahoor Hussain Javed and Izhar Ahmad Khan]
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Health risk factors in lead polluted environment causing isthemic health disease
[Sumaira Kanwal, Muhammad Aslam and Khalil-ur-Rahman]
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Personal protection accessories (PPA) as a primary health safety measures in pesticide use
[Muhammad Aslam, Sumaira Kanwal, Tanvir Ali, Ajaz Akhtar and Muhammad Iqbal Zafar]
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Factors affecting the income from major crops in rice-wheat ecological zone
[Muhammad Ashfaq, Muhammad Zeeshan Naseer, Sarfraz Hassan and Irfan Ahmad Baig]
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Total factor productivity (TFP) growth of agriculture in Pakistan: Trends in different time horizons
[Asghar Ali, Khalid Mushtaq, Muhammad Ashfaq and Abedullah]
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Profitability analysis of broiler production in Rawalpindi district
[Abdul Qayyum Mohsin, Raazia Riaz, Samia Asad and Afia Mushtaq]
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Constrains in availability of inputs and information to citrus (Kinnow) growers of
[Usman Ghafoor, Sher Muhammad and Khalid Mehmood Ch]
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Orientation of cotton growers of Multan district about health hazards and pesticide use
[Qamar-ul-Haq, Riaz Hussain, Ijaz Hussain, Tanvir Ali and Munir Ahmad]
Download PDF:
Women health seeking behaviour and its influence on their fertility performance:
[Saif-ur-Rehman Saif Abbasi, Muhammad Iqbal Zafar, Sadia Nawaz and Farhan Naveed Yousaf]
Download PDF:
Pest diagnosis and pesticide use by cotton growers of Multan area and their occupational health
[Qamar-ul-Haq, Illyas Ahmad Fareedi, Tanvir Ali, Muneer Ahmad and Naveed Iftikhar]
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