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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 45
Issue 2
Published In: March 2008
Detection and chemotherapy of Balantidium coli in buffaloes around Lahore, Pakistan
[MA Tarrar, MS. Khan, K. Pervez, K. Ashraf, J.A Khan and Z U. Rehman]
Download PDF:
Frequency distribution of mastitogens as affected by post milking teat dipping and Staphylococcus aureus vaccination in Sahiwal cows
[MOBi/al., AA Muhammad, M Younas and G. Muhammad]
Download PDF:
Evaluation of an iodophore teat dip (Germ iod™) and Staphylococcus aureus vaccine for the Prevalence
[MOBilal., AA Muhammad, M Younas and G. Muhammad]
Download PDF:
Evaluation of calf management related technologies at farmer's level under technology transfer project
[MOBilal, A Hameed and Bakht B. Khan]
Download PDF:
Prevalence of common mastitogens and their antibiotic susceptibility in tehsil Burewala, Pakistan
[S. Hameed, M Arshad, M Ashraf, M Avais and MA Shahid]
Download PDF:
Performance of Cholistani male cattle calves fed fattening ration under local climatic conditions
[Iftikhar Ali, Umar Farooq, Sajid Hameed, Faisal Shehzad, Falik Sher Khan and Muhammad Asim Tausif]
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Effect of feeding different sources of supplemental fat on nutrient intake, milk production and composition
[Haq Nawaz, Muhammad Yaqoob, Muhammad Abdullah and Bakht Baidar Khan]
Download PDF:
Milk marketing and value chain constraints
[M Tariq, MI. Mustafa, A Iqbal and H. Nawaz]
Download PDF:
Effect of semen collection floor on sexual behaviour and semen quality of Sahiwal bulls
[K.A Elrabie, V.S. Raina, AK. Gupta and T.K. Mohanty]
Download PDF:
Impact of dairy herd size on milk production cost, marketing and farm income in peri-urban areas of
[I.M Aden, S.H. Raza, A Iqbal, Bakht B. Khan and M Sarwar]
Download PDF:
A study on babesiosis in calves at Livestock Experiment Station, Qadirabad and adjacent areas,
[N. Niazi, MS. Khan, M Avais, J.A Khan, K. Pervez and M. /jaz]
Download PDF:
Estimated breeding values and genetic trend for 305• day milk yield in buffalo herd at LES Chak Katora
[M Ahmad, A Parveen, A Gaffar and MM Aziz]
Download PDF:
Dairy farms and farmers-social norms and training needs
[Muhammad Subhan Qureshi]
Download PDF:
Assessment of the quality of conventional yogurt as affected by storage
[Nayla Andleeb, Abrar Hussain Gilani and Naheed Abbas]
Download PDF:
Impact of post milking teat dipping and Staphylococcus aureus vaccination on somatic cell count
[MOBilal, AA Muhammad, M Younas and G. Muhammad]
Download PDF:
Goat-A potential dairy animal: present and future prospects
[Arshad Iqbal, Bakht B. Khan, M Tariq and MA Mirza]
Download PDF:
Feeding value of mott grass and its silage in lactating Sahiwal cows
[M. Q. Bilal]
Download PDF:
Assessment of dairy farm management practices under field conditions of Toba Tek Singh
[M.Q. Bilal, A. Hameed and Bakht B. Khan]
Download PDF:
Innovative processes for enhancing milk yield and quality
[S.K. Guleti, MR. Garg and T. W. Scott]
Download PDF:
Reproductive performance of Holstein Friesian and Jersey cattle in Punjab, Pakistan
[M Lateef, K.z. Gondal, M Younes, MI. Mustafa and M.K. Bashir]
Download PDF:
Corporate dairy farming in Pakistan-is there a future?
[M. Afzal]
Download PDF:
Productive performance of Holstein-Friesian kept in Balochistan, Pakistan
[M Bi/al, M Younes, ME. Babar and M Yaqoob]
Download PDF:
Trends and potential of dairy production in Balochistan province
[MA Kakar, A Raziq, K. Masood ul Haq and M Faqir]
Download PDF:
Camel-A potential dairy animal in difficult environments
[A Raziq, M Younas and MA Kakar]
Download PDF:
Genetic and phenotypic correlations among linear type traits in Sahiwal cows
[Musarrat Abbas Khan, Muhammad Sajjad Khan and Arshad Iqbal]
Download PDF:
Quality of stirred buffalo milk yogurt blended with apple and banana fruits
[Amna Mahmood, Naheed Abbas and AH. Gi/ani]
Download PDF:
Reproductive profile of Holsteins kept in Balochistan province of Pakistan-II
[M Younes, M Bilal, ME. Babar, M Yaqoob and A Iqbal]
Download PDF:
Influence of varying levels of dietary cation anion difference on ruminal characteristics, acid base
[M Sharif, Mahr-un-Nisa, M Sarwar and M Aasit Shahzad]
Download PDF:
Effect of exogenous fibrolytic enzymes on ruminant performance
[A Hussain, M Nisa, M Sarwar, M Sharit and A Javaid]
Download PDF:
Changing scenarios of dairy production
[Abdul Shakoor Chaudhry]
Download PDF:
Productive parameters as affected by protein fractions in ruminants
[Mahr-un-Nisa, A Javaid, M Sarwar, S.A Bhatti and MS. Amjad]
Download PDF:
Safety of ensiling poultry litter with sugar cane tops
[S.M Chaudhry and Z. Naseer]
Download PDF:
Effect of FMD vaccination on various semen characteristics of Sahiwal bulls
[M Brisket, T.K. Mohanty, AK. Gupta, V.S. Raina, G. Mondal and H.M Khan]
Download PDF:
Animal health and production: a planned integration of traditional and intensive production is a viable
[Zatar Iqbal, Muhammad Sarwar and Muhammad Nisar Khan]
Download PDF:
Effect of estrus on somatic cell count, protein and fat contents in milk of Nili-Ravi buffaloes
[MS. Akhtar, AA Farooq, M Hussain and M Aziz]
Download PDF:
Effect of green fodder feeding on conjugated linoleic acid in milk and ghee (clarified butter oil)
[Amrish Tyagi, N. Kewalramani, H. Kaur and K.K. Singhal]
Download PDF:
Evaluation of Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus agalactiae aluminium hydroxide adjuvanted
[Tanveer Ahmad and Ghulam Muhammad]
Download PDF:
Environmental factors affecting performance traits of crossbred and local dairy cows at
[M Akhtar Qureshi, Khalid Javed, Z.A Jarral and S.A Khan]
Download PDF:
Impact of PDDC model farm programme on the socio-economic conditions of dairy farmers in Pakistan
[Sheeraz Ahmad, Denise Burrell, Rizwana Rashid and Sadia Sultana]
Download PDF:
Management profile and contribution of livestock in poverty alleviation and nutritional
[Samrina Akhtar, Muhammad Younes, Arshad Iqbal and M Zatar Alam]
Download PDF:
Impact of varying moisture levels, different additives and fermentation periods on nutritive value of
[N.A Tauqir, M Nisa, M Sarwar and S.A Bhatti]
Download PDF:
Economic analysis of milk production in different cattle colonies of Karachi
[U.N. Khan, J.A Lund, S. Javaid and Zia-ul-Hasan]
Download PDF:
Genetic improvement of indigenous dairy animals through progeny testing program
[Abdul Ghattar, MS. Khan, SH Raza and M Atzal]
Download PDF:
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