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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 46
Issue 2
Published In: March 2009
Food security in Pakistan
[Farooq Ahmad]
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Various rates of K and Na influence growth, seed cotton yield and ionic ratio of two cotton varieties
[Liaqat Ali, Rahmatullah, Muhammad Aamer Maqsood, Muhammad Ashraf, Tariq Aziz]
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Assessment of yield advantages, competitiveness and economic benefits of diversified direct-seeded upland rice-based intercropping systems under strip geometry of planting
[Abdul Jabbar, Riaz Ahmad, Iftikhar Hussain Bhatti, Zaheer Abbas Virk, Wasi-u-Din]
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Performance of different wheat varieties/lines as affected by different planting dates and
[Sikander Khan Tanveer, Imtiaz Hussain, M. Asif, M.Y. Mujahid, Sher Muhammad, Maqsood Qamar]
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Gene action studies for agronomic traits in maize under normal and water stress conditions
[Imtiaz Hussain, Muhammad Ahsan, Muhammad Saleem and Ashfaq Ahmad]
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Vegetative and reproductive evaluation of hot peppers under different plastic mulches in poly/plastic tunnel
[Qumer Iqbal, Muhammad Amjad, Muhammad Rafique Asi, Muhammad Asif Ali and Riaz Ahmad]
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Effect of Montanide adjuvanted Staphylococcus aureus bacterin-toxiod on prevalence and
[A. Yousaf, G. Muhammad, Sajjad ur Rahman, M. Siddique and M.Z. Masood]
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Technological study of ring and compact spinning systems for the manufacturing of
[Nasir Mahmood, M. Arshad, M. Iftikhar and Tahir Mahmood]
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Diffusion process of innovation learning system in the rice-wheat production system of the Punjab
[Sajida Taj, Nadeem Akmal, Muhammad Sharif and Athar Mahmood]
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Natural resource management issues of Pakistan’s agriculture: The cases of land, labour
[Shahnaz A. Arifullah, Anwar F. Chishti, Muhammad Zulfiqar and Neelum Farid]
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Forecasting value added of agricultural sub-sectors during fourth five-year development plan in Iran
[Shahriar Nessabian]
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Household food security situation in slum areas of Faisalabad
[Anjum Farkhanda, Farhat Nazir, Ashfaq Ahmad Maann and Sofia Tasleem]
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A study of modern export based textile organizations with reference to employees’ changing
[Babak Mahmood, Muhammad Iqbal Zafar and Haq Nawaz]
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Enhancement of multiprocessing environment for the E poultry system
[Ahsan Raza Sattar, Muhammad Younus Javed, Tasleem Mustafa and Sugra Bibi]
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Fabrication and performance study of a solar milk pasteurizer
[Rabab Zahira, Hafiz Akif, Nasir Amin, Muhammad Azam and, Zia-ul-Haq]
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