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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 47
Issue 3
Published In: September 2010
Performance and profitability study of baby corn and tomato intercropping
[K.P. Upadhyay, M.D. Sharma, S.M. Shakya, G. Ortiz-Ferrara, T.P. Tiwari and R.C. Sharma]
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Cotton response to multiple application of growth inhibitor (mepiquat chloride)
[G. Abbas, G. Hassan, M. Aslam, I. Hussain, U. Saeed, Z Abbas and K. Ullah]
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Effect of fertilizer levels and plant densities on yield and protein contents of autumn planted maize
[M.A. Rafiq, A. Ali, M.A. Malik and M. Hussain]
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Evaluation of 99 S1 lines of maize for inbreeding depression
[M. Ahmad, S. Khan, F. Ahmad, N.H. Shah and N. Akhtar]
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Heavy metals contamination of soils in response to wastewater irrigation in Rawalpindi region
[N. Mushtaq and K.S. Khan]
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Impact of public parks on human life: a case study
[G. Hussain, M. Nadeem, A. Younis, A. Riaz, M.A. Khan and S. Naveed]
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Effect of nitrogen fertilization and harvesting intervals on the yield and forage quality of elephant
[M.A. Ullah, M. Anwar and A.S. Rana]
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Growth performance and cadmium (Cd) uptake by Populus deltoides as irrigated by urban wastewater
[M.A. Tanvir and M.T. Siddiqui]
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Adulticidal action of ten citrus oils against Aedes albopictus (diptera: culicidae)
[F. Hafeez, W. Akram, A. Suhail and M.A. Khan]
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Diversity of insect fauna in croplands of district Faisalabad
[T.P. Inayat, S.A. Rana, H.A. Khan and Khalil-ur-Rehman]
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Effects of some natural antioxidant mixtures on margarine stability
[M. Azizkhani and P. Zandi]
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A comparative analysis of scientists linkage activities in university and non-university based
[J.B. Ogunremi and T.S. Olaniran]
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Studies on growth performance of metals mixture stressed Cirrhina mrigala in earthen ponds
[S.M. Hussain, M. Javed, S. Asghar, M. Hussain, S. Abdullah, S.A. Raza and A. Javid]
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Assessment of handicaps owing to high input (HIP) farming on the soil macro-invertebrates diversity
[N. Rana, S.A. Rana, H.A. Khan and A. Sohail]
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A germination test: An easy approach to know the irradiation history of seeds
[A. Khawar, I.A. Bhatti, Q.M. Khan, H.N. Bhatti and M.A. Sheikh]
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Retrofitting shear stability and fixing clay soils in farm conduits by geotextiles
[A.R. Mardookhpour]
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Identification and prioritization of the training needs of agricultural extension administrators in
[N. Hussain, M.A.J. Khan and M. Asif]
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Role of international migration in agricultural development and farmer’s livelihoods: A case study
[S. Mahmood, I.A. Khan, A.A.Maann, B. Shahbaz and S. Akhtar]
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Cross sectional trends and dynamics of economic inequality in Pakistan
[I. Ali and A. Saboor]
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Response of wheat crop (Triticum aestivum L.) and its weeds to allelopathic crop water extracts in combination with reduced herbicide rates
[J. Iqbal, F. Karim and S. Hussain]
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