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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 49
Issue 3
Published In: September 2012
Influence of seed rate and leaf topping on seed yield, oil content and economic returns of Ethiopian mustard(Brassica carinata)
[Tilahun Tadesse, Belsti Yeshealem, Alemayehu Assefa and Minale Liben]
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Response of wheat to tillage and nitrogen fertilization in rice-wheat system
[Rafi Qamar, Ehsanullah1, Riaz Ahmad and Muhammad Iqbal]
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Effect of sowing date on emergence, tillering and grain yield of different wheat varieties under Bahawalpur conditions
[Muhammad Akhtar, Rana Muhammad Iqbal, Moazzam Jamil and L.H. Akhtar]
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Changes in growth characters and nutrient acquisition of guava (Psidium guajava L.) in response to coal ash
[S. C. Swain and S. K. Padhi]
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Effect of integrated plant nutrition and irrigation scheduling on yield and yield components of maize (Zea mays L.)
[Muhammad Saqib Randhawa, Muhammad Maqsood, Syed Aftab Wajid and Muhammad Anwar-ul-Haq]
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Seasonal growth attributes of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotypes in response to moisture regimes under semi arid environment
[Muhammad Maqsood, Muhammad Asif Shehzad, Mumtaz Ahmed and Wahid Ahmad]
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Development and appraisal of economical and sustainable approach for weed management in drill seeded
[Muhammad Saqib, Nadeem Akbar, Ehsanullah1 and Abdul Ghafoor]
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Response of cotton varieties to different environments: flowering behavior and fiber quality
[Dana Jawdat, Mouhammad Amir Hilali, Zouhair Ayyoubi, Rana Elias, Ridwan Al-Rayan, Mouhammad Nayef Al-Salti]
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Development of high yielding millet variety “Sargodha Bajra-2011” released for general cultivation in Punjab, province of Pakistan
[Muhammad Javed Yusuf, Ghulam Nabi, Abdul Basit, Syed Kamil Husnain and Lal Hussain Akhtar]
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Evaluation of drought tolerance and yield capacity of barley (Hordeum vulgare) genotypes under irrigated and water-stressed conditions
[Muhammad Ilyas Khokhar and Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva]
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Growth response of various olive cultivars to different cutting lengths
[Azmat Ali Awan1, Ehsan Ullah, Sayed Jaffar Abbas, Owais Khan and Shaista Masroor]
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The study of phytohormones and explants on callus induction and regeneration of sainfoin (Pnobrychis sativa)
[H. Garshasbi, M. Omidi, S. Torabi and D. Davodi]
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Response of mango cultivars to modified atmosphere storage at an ambient temperature cv. Alphanso and Chounsa
[Hameed Ullah, Saeed Ahmad, Muhammad Amjad and Muhammad Azam Khan]
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Efficacy of zinc with nitrogen as foliar feeding on growth, yield and quality of tomato grown under poly tunnel
[Mohsin Ejaz, Rashid Waqas, C.M. Ayyub, Madiha Butt, Shuaib-ur-Rehman, Farhat Bashir and A. Manan]
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A checklist of the spiders of cholistan and neighbouring areas
[Nuzhat Sial1, Tahira Ruby, Saadia Malik and Sajida Mushtaq]
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Assessment of promising exotic forage grasses at Faisalabad, Pakistan
[Muhammad Arshad Ullah , Maqsood Anwar, Amir Saeed Rana, Muhammad Rasheed and Amjad Ali]
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Determination of chemical fungicide against soil borne fungal diseases of capers (Capparis ovata Desf. var.herbacea) during early stages
[Durmusali Söyler, Ercan Canihos, Nazife Temel and Mortaza Hajyzadeh]
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Evaluation of three seed furrow openers mounted on a zone disk tiller drill for residue management, soil physical properties and crop parameters
[Muhammad Atif Munir, Muhammad Iqbal and Sajjad Miran]
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Apparent and real water productivity for cotton-wheat zone of Punjab, Pakistan
[Abdul Shabbir, Muhammad Arshad, Allah Bakhsh, Muhammad Usman, Aamir Shakoor, Ijaz Ahmad and Ashfaq Ahmad]
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Modeling deficit irrigation effects on maize to improve water use efficiency
[A. Bakhsh, F. Hussein1, N. Ahmad1, A. Hassan and H.U. Farid]
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Evaluating the role of bentonite embedment in controlling infiltration and improve root zone waterdistribution in coarse soil
[Aamir Shakoor, Muhammad Arshad, Ata-ur-Rehman Tariq and Ijaz Ahmad]
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Farmers’ awareness about spider as natural predator of cotton pests and hazardous effects of pesticides ontheir health from three districts of Punjab cotton belt: Past findings and future priorities
[Tarfia Tahir, S. Mushtaq, S.A. Rana1 and M.A. Shiekh]
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Acute toxicity of metals mixtures for fish, Catla catla, Labeo rohita and Cirrhina mrigala
[Saima Naz and Muhammad Javed]
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Are the determinants of food insecurity for landless households different from that of other ruralhouseholds?
[Muhammad Khalid Bashir, Steven Schilizzi and Ram Pandit]
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The contribution of various non-farm income sources in reducing income inequality across different farm sizes:A comparison of barani punjab and cotton/wheat Sindh
[Irsa Sarwar, Muhammad Ashfaq, Amna Bari and Naila Hafeez]
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Identification and prioritization of problems faced by rice growers: A case study of tehsil Daska, Sialkot
[Abdul-Rehman, Sher Muhammad, Khalid Mahmood Chaudry, Muhammad Amjad Aulakh and Zuhaib Ahmed]
Download PDF:
Technical efficiency of wheat production in rain-fed areas: A case study of Punjab, Pakistan
[Abid Hussain, Abdul Saboor, Muhammad Azeem Khan, Abdul Qayyum Mohsin and Fayyaz ul Hassan Sahi]
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