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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 10
Issues 1,2,3,4
Published In: December 1973
Calculated Growth of White Perch, Roccus Americanus (Gmelin) in the Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario
[A. N. Sheri and G. Power]
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Colour Preference as a Population Indexing Technique in the Whitefly Bemisia Tabuci Genn. (Aleyrodidae; Hornoptera)
[Mushtaq Ahmad and Rolert F. Harwood]
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Hatchability Studies on Eggs after Treatment with Nitrogen Gas
[Bashir Mahmood Bhatti and M. Fahimullah]
Download PDF:
Effects of High Dietary Menganese on the Growth of Chicks in the Absence and Presence of Supplemental Vitamin D
[Bakht Baidar Khan]
Download PDF:
Germination of Paddy Seed in Relation to Overdosage of Fungicides
[Abdul Ghafoor Kausar and M. Iqbul Chohan]
Download PDF:
Genetic Analysis of Components of Growth in Gossypium Hirsutum L
[Muhammad Ghayyur Khan, Manzoor Ahmad Khan and A. Khaliq]
Download PDF:
The Reliability of Individual Plant Selection in F2 of Some Wheat Crosses
[A. Rehman Chowdhry and Ghulam Sabir]
Download PDF:
Relation Between Planting Time and Yield Components of Mexican : Wheats
[Abdul Aziz and Mohammad Ali Gill]
Download PDF:
Intervarietal and Inter-specific Plant Competition in Wheat under two Irrigation Levels
[Sher Mohammad, Siraj-ud-Din Shah and Manzoor Ahmad Bhutta]
Download PDF:
Effect of Soil Salinity on the Composition of Oil and Amino Acid and on the Oil Content of Sunflower Seed
[Shah Muhammad and Muhammad Iqhal Makhdum]
Download PDF:
Heterosis in Some Intraspecific Crosses of Gossypium Hirsutum L
[Mansoor Ahmad Akhtar, Mohammad A slam and Manzoor Ahmad Bhutta]
Download PDF:
Development of the Optimum Conditions of Micro-Organisms to Utilize Molasses for the Production of Vinegar Part-II Conversion of Alcohol to Acetic Acid
[M. Tahlr Nadeem and M. Shafiq Chaudhry]
Download PDF:
Bacteriological Studies on Milk with Particular Reference to Public Health
[Muhammad Amin and M. Ajmal]
Download PDF:
Prolapse of the Prepuce in Bulls and Rams
[Nusrat Iqbal Chaudhry]
Download PDF:
Response of M.3xi-Pak Wheat to Time and Rates of Application of 2, 4-D
[M. Ashraf Randhawa and A.G. Kausar]
Download PDF:
Comparison of Symptoms (Temperature Fluctuations) in Dogs Infected with Two Strains of Ehrlichia Canis
[C. S. Hayat]
Download PDF:
Study on Optimum Number of Females per Male for Maintaining Normal Fertility in White Leghorn Breed
[Altaf Ahmad and M. R. Chaudhry]
Download PDF:
The Mechanics of Penetration Equipment
[Ghulam Sarwar Sheikh]
Download PDF:
Heterotypic and Medullated Fibres in Lohi Wool as Affected by Autumn and Spring Shearing and Age
[Abdul Hameed Khan and Iftikhar Ahmad Mian]
Download PDF:
Effect of Fertilization on Yield and Composition of Some Promising Wheat Varieties
[Malik Raheem Bakhsh and M. Aslam Mian]
Download PDF:
Irrigation Practices for Efficient Growth of Sugarcane on a High Water-Table Soil at Lyallpur
[Asif Ali Shafqat, Ghazanfer Ali and M. Shafi Nazir]
Download PDF:
Effect of Castration on the Carcass Qualities of Calves
[Sadagat Hayat Hanjra]
Download PDF:
Procedures for the Standardization of Lactation Records of Sahiwal Cows
[Zaheer Ahmad, Manzur-ud-Din Ahmad, A. W. Qnreshi and A. Latif]
Download PDF:
A Survey on the Occurrence of Citrus Nematode (Tylenchulus Semi-penetrans) in the Punjab
[Riaz Ahmad and Inam Ullah Khan]
Download PDF:
A Quantitative Method for the Study of Buffalo Skin Structures
[M.A. Majeed, M.D. Ahmad, M.B. Sial and M. Ajmal]
Download PDF:
Studies on the Propagation of Guava by Stem Cuttings
[Muhammad Maqbool and Daud Ahmad Khan]
Download PDF:
Evaluation of Granular Insecticides for the Control of Major Insect Pests of Cotton
[Muhammad Wahid, M. Rafiq Khan and Man zoo r Ahmad]
Download PDF:
The Peritrophic Membrane in Dysdercus Fasciatus Sign, (Pyrrhocoridae-Hemiptera)
[Muhammad Rafiq Khan]
Download PDF:
Effect of Fertilizer on Flowering in Maize
[Muhammad Aqil Khan]
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