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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 11
Issues 3,4
Published In: December 1974
Genotypic competition in wheat for grain and straw yield
[A, Rehman Chowdhry and Mohammad Yousaf]
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Life history of greater wax moth, Galleria Mellonella L, at Lyallpur
[Muhammad Yunus and Muhammad Anwar]
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A study of the image developed by Agricultural Extension Field Staff among the farmers
[Khalid Masud and Ghulam Subhani Khan]
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An appraisal of surface irrigation waters in Peshawar District (North West Frontier Province)
[M. Athar, J.K. Khattak and M. B. Raja]
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Comparative study on the nutritive value of the commercially available micromixes in the broiler ration
[Anwar-ul-Haq, M. Zubair Siddiqi, M.Rafique Chaudhry and A.H.Gilani]
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Effect of row spacing and seed rate on the yield of Mung Bean (Phaseolus aureus)
[Anwar-ul-Haq Mohammad Riaz Hussain and Ch. Mohammad Ali Gill]
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Diallel analysis of some important characters in inter-varietal crosses of cotton (G. Hirsutum L)
[M. Anwar Mirza and Manzoor Ahmad Khan]
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Studies on tribal affinities within archeococcoidea
[Muhammad Abdul Quayyoom and M. R. Khan]
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Neutrophilic isolate of ehrlichia canis as a cause of thrombocytopenia in dogs
[C. S. Hayat and S. A. Ewing]
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Influence of complex fertilizers on the yield and yield components of rice
[Bashir Ahmad and Altaf Hussain]
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Skin pigmentation in buffaloes
[M. A. Majeed, M. D. Ahmad and M. A. Toor]
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Correlation studies in gram (Cicer Arietinnm L.)
[Muhammad Aslam Chowdhry and M. Aqil Khan]
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Nutritive value of dried corn steep liquor as a substitute for meat meal in laying hens' ration
[M. Zafar Alam, M. A. Sial, N. Ahmad and A.R. Abid]
Download PDF:
Rumen lactate concentration as influenced by added potassium in Vitro
[Bakht Baidar Khan]
Download PDF:
Cellulose and lignin in straws of different wheat varieties
[Javed Iqbal Chaudhry, Abdul Hamid Khan and Iftikhar Ahmad Mian]
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Bifunctional reagent for study of biological systems
[Mohammad Yaqub]
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Studies on certain reproductive traits in buffaloes
[Manzoor Ahmad]
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Preliminary screening of oestrogcnic activity in the immature and mature green maize fodder
[Muhammad Shoaib Akhtar and Muhammad Akram Qazi]
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