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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 12
Issues 3,4
Published In: December 1975
Genetic and environmental factors affecting the birth weight of calyEs in Tharparkar cattle
[Manzur-ud-Din Ahmad and M. Ishaque Kumbhar]
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Dinfferential response of three wheat varieties to varying densities of seeding in an irrigated environment
[M. Shafi Nazir, M. Rashid, Ghazanfar Ali, and M. Ali Gill]
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Relative seasonal abundance of "hadda" beetle, henosepilachna chrysonrelina Lyallpur
[Haider Ali Shah and Muhammad Rafiq Khan]
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Effect of different chemical seed treatments on germination, growth and yield of wheat
[Malik A. Hayee, Saleem Faiz-ur-Rehman and Khalil Ahmad]
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Ecological distribution of mice in the cultivations of Lyallpur district and vicinity
[Syed Riaz Hussain, Akbar Ali Khan and Mirza Azhar Beg]
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Chemical control of angoumois grain moth sitotroga cerealella (oliv.)
[Abdul Ghaffar and Manzoor-ul-Haq]
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Studies on the effect of breed and seasonal variations on the interior quality of eggs
[Muhammad Akhtar Bhatti and M. R. Chaudhry]
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Influence of age on population and diameter of follicles in salt range lambs from birth to one
[Abdur Rehman, M. Jamil Qureshi and M.D. Ahmad]
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Studies of elongation and sorption ratio of some chemically modified cotton varieties
[Riaz Ahmad Khan, Muhammad Hanif and Abdul Razzaq]
Download PDF:
Performance of advanced generation maize-teosinte hybrid seed for commercial use
[Mansur Mohsin Gilani, Medhet K. Hussain and Ghulam Sarwar]
Download PDF:
Influence of shearing season and age of sheep on the quality of wooL
[Iftikhar Ahmad Mian]
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The role of cycoeel in inducing draught and salt tolerance in wheat
[Inam-ul-Haq, M. Latif Khan Niazi and Shah Muhammad]
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Activity of pectic enzymes (pectinesterase and poly-galacturonase) during the ripening of guava fruit
[Akhtar Hussain and Aulad Hussain Shah]
Download PDF:
Utilization of macronutrient elements of a routine farm ration by dry. lactating and pregnant buffaloes
[A.M. Cheema, A.H. Gilani, A.R. Abid and Bakht B. Khan]
Download PDF:
Descriptions of the mites of the genus amblydromella (acarina: phytoseiidae) from Pakistan
[Wali M. Chaudhry]
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Some studies on the fungi causing fruit rot in cold storage and market
[Muhammad Younus and Mukhtar Ahmad]
Download PDF:
Effect of tree aspect and height on time of emergence of inflorescence, sex expression, fruit setting, fruit drop and fruit yield in mango
[Niaz Ali and M. Arshad Zahid]
Download PDF:
Bioassay of some insecticide residues on cauliflower
[Jamil Javed, Manzoor Ahmad and Muhammad Rafiq Khan]
Download PDF:
Auxin effects on root and shoot initiation and the subsequent growth of wheat plants
[Riaz A. Khan and Abdullahi E. Abdullahi]
Download PDF:
Inguinal hernia in bitches
[Nusrat Iqbal Chaudhry, R. A. Chaudhry, T. Aziz, M. Mumtaz and N.I. Cheema.]
Download PDF:
The effect of ionizing radiation in mung (phaseolus aureus roxb)
[Yahya Ashraf, Khurshid Alam and Muhammad Yousaf]
Download PDF:
The effect of food restriction on the activity of hepatic arginase of rat
[M. Akmal Khan]
Download PDF:
The development of a potato coordinator
[Syed Iqbal Ahmad]
Download PDF:
A study of the shading effect of sheesham trees on wheat
[Ghulam Sarwar Khan]
Download PDF:
Effect of different seed treatments of the cane yield of a sugarcane variety, col 54
[Muhammad Ali Gill, M.S. Nazir and M.A Wahla]
Download PDF:
An inexpensive power supply for valve characteristics
[Zafar Ahmad Hasni and Nazir Ahmad Parwaz]
Download PDF:
Corn as a new host for colletotrichum graminicolum
[Muhammad Ahmad Khan and Masood Ahmad Nasir]
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