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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 13
Issue 2
Published In: June 1976
Highlights of the International Symposium on Genetic Control of Diversity in Plants
[Amir Muhammed and Abdur Rehman]
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Phylogenetic relationships among triticum and aegilops species
[Altafur Rehman Rao]
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Effects of red and far-red light on geotropism in avena coleoptiles I. some preliminary investigations
[Ejaz Rasul]
Download PDF:
Comparative consumption of sorghum foliage by the adults of three grasshopper species
[Mahmud Ayaz Wahla and Khwaja Abdul Haq]
Download PDF:
Thawing of deep-frozen bull semen
[Ala-ud-Din, R.A. Chaudhry and Manzur-ud-Din Ahmad]
Download PDF:
The effect of gram flour on the quality on wheat protein
[M Akmal Khan, K. Almas, A.R. Abid and M. Yaqoob]
Download PDF:
Nutritive value of corn steep liquor for lactating buffaloes
[Munawar A Sial, Rashid Ahmad, M. Tahir and Nazir Ahmad]
Download PDF:
Inheritance of some of the qualitative characters of garden_stock matthiola
[Manzoor-uI-Haque Awan and Daud Ahmad Khan]
Download PDF:
Correlations between carcass characteristics of lambs
[A. Asghar and N. T. M. Yeates]
Download PDF:
Heterosis in inter-and intra-specific crassica of Brassica
[Rana Muhammad Afzal Naz, Muhammad Aslam Javed and Siraj-ud-Din Shah]
Download PDF:
A comparative study of colostrum of buffalo and cow
[Ghazi Anwar, Sadaqat Hayat Hanjra, Bakht Baidar Khan and Zaheer Ahmad]
Download PDF:
Comparison of yield and yield components of wheat varieties under irrigation
[Muhammad Shaft Nazir, Arshad Ali, and Ghazanfar Ali]
Download PDF:
Prediction of soil resistance
[Ghulam Sarwar Sheikh]
Download PDF:
Preservation of buffalo bull semen using low and high dilution rates at 5°C and 37°C
[Nazir Ahmad, G.H. Soomro, M.A. Sial and Ala-ud-Din]
Download PDF:
Effect of calving season on lactation length and dry period in nili-ravi buffaloes
[Muhammad Tahir and Munawar A. Sial]
Download PDF:
Some studies on population dynamics of major insect pests of cotton at Lyallpur
[Abdul Sattar, M. Rafiq Khan and Manzoor Ahmad]
Download PDF:
Flyspeck of apple in Pakistan
[Inamullah Khan and Muhammad Riaz]
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