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Current Issue
Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences
Volume 15
Issues 1,2
Published In: June 1978
Induced Genetic Variability in M2 and Evaluation of Promising Mutant Lines in M4 Generation of Mung Bean.
[Abdul Shakoor, M. Ahsanul Haq, and M. Sadiq]
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Biology of Army Worm, Pseudaletia (Cirphis) Unipuncta (Haw), Noctuidac: Lepidoptera
[Hyder Ali, Muhammad Akhtar and Muhammad Bakhsh]
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Relative Stability in Yield Performance of Different Wheat Cultivars
[A. Rehman Chowdhry, Abdul Shakoor, M. Siddique Sadiq and Ghulam Rasul Tahir]
Download PDF:
Validation of the Scale Method for Age and Growth studies of Labeo Rohita
[A. N. Sheri and Najma Perveen]
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Study on Milking Pattern and Behaviour in Sahiwal Cows and Niliravi Buffaloes
[Muhammad Tahir]
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A Survey of Fungal Flora of Wheat Flour in Pakistan
[Farhat Fatima Shahnaz (Miss) and Masoud Ahmad Nasir]
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Studies on the Black Point Disease of Wheat
[Munir Ahmad, Mukhtar Ahmad and J. H. Mirza]
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Effect of Weed Crop Competition on Wheat Production
[Syed Akhtar Saeed, Muhammad Sadiq and Abid Nisar Ahmed]
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Beetle Taxonomy Where Subjectivity and Objectivity Meet
[S. M. Khokhar, Ali A. Hashmi and Manzaoi-ul-Haque]
Download PDF:
The External Anatomy of Metoponorthus Pruinosus (Brandt. J833) (Isopoda : Crustacea)
[Muhammad Aslam Chaudhri, Muhammad Rafiq Khan and A. Rahman]
Download PDF:
Protein Requirements of Laying Hens During Summer
[A. G. Khan, M. A, Sial, Nazir Ahmad and A. R. Barque]
Download PDF:
Estimation of Liveweight of Buffaloes from Body Measurements
[Bakht B. Khan, M. Azhar, Nazir Ahmed and Rashid A. Chaudhry]
Download PDF:
Effect of Nitrogen and lime of Planting on the Yield and Quality of Safflower
[Karamullah H. Agha, Mohammad Iqbal and Ghulam Yasin Solangi]
Download PDF:
Some Pharmacological Studies of Harmidine Hydrochloride
[Muhammad Shoaib Akhtar and Zubeda Amin Malik]
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Effect of Cage Versus Floor Rearing on Feed ConsumptionGrowth Rate and Feed Efficiency of Broiler Chicks.
[Muhammad Maqbool, M. Zubair Suddiqui, Abrar Hussain Gilani and M. Rafique Chaudhry]
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Organizing Farmers to Improve Irrigation Water Delivery The Problem and Prospects for Solution in Pakistan
[Max. K. Lowdermilk, David M. Freeman, Alan C. Early, George E. Radosevich, W. Doral Kemper, and Ashfaq Hussain Mirza]
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Some Factors Affecting Persistency of Lactation in Sahiwal Cows
[Zaheer Ahmad, A. W. Qureshi, M. D. Ahmad. A. Latif and R. A. Gill]
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Effects of Fertilizers on Fruit Setting, Drop and Yield in Kinnow Mandarin.
[Dr. Niaz Ali & Syed Arif Hussain Gellani]
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Effect of Gypsum, Iron and Copper on the Availability of Zinc in Saline-Sodic Soil.
[Mohammad Afzal and Abdul Jabbar]
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Inducing Sporulation in Alternaria Solani Ell. Et. Mart. (Jones Et Grout) in Pure Culture
[Khan Naseem Iqbal, Jaffar Hussain Mirza and Iftikhar Ahmad]
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